Mystery wreath reveal: A recycled fall wreath

Can you guess what this wreath is made from?  It’s a plastic bag wreath! Who knew recycled crafts could be so elegant? When I receive plastic bags in fun colors, I put them aside for a later use, and they would be perfect for a recycle craft like this plastic bag wreath. Crafts ‘n things is featuring this Autumn Harvest Wreath in its weekly newsletter, and you can get the instructions for free through next Monday, September 24.

how to recycle plastic bags to make a plastic bag wreath

Harvest Autumn Wreath made from plastic shopping bags.

If the stores near you don’t stock plastic shopping bags in pretty colors, not to worry. Kathleen George made this Christmas Plastic Bag Wreath using plain, old white bags. Pretty! Take a look at your plastic bag stash and think about how you might recycle those bags into your own seasonal wreath.

White Plastic Bag Wreath

Plastic Bag Christmas Wreath by Kathleen George

Be sure to check out the instructions for the Autumn Harvest Wreath over at Crafts ‘n things. This week’s C’nt newsletter is a don’t-miss issue with Velvet Pumpkins (wow!), Aged Copper Frames, and a stamped Thankful Card. Sign up for the free, Crafts ‘n things weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out next week.

What have you recycled in your crafting adventures?

Happy recycle crafting.


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8 Responses to Mystery wreath reveal: A recycled fall wreath

  1. ruth roberts says:

    How do I get the directions?

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Ruth, So sorry — the links for the white Plastic Bag Christmas Wreath were missing. I’ve added them in, and there’s now a text link to the tutorial, plus the photo links over there, too. Thank you, and happy crafting. Sharon

  2. Fran says:

    My local grocery store uses yellow bags. They would make a pretty Easter or Spring wreath.

  3. Katiria says:

    When I was younger, I made a Christmas wreath out of those mini plastic sandwhich bags that are see-through and a wire hanger. I bent the hanger into a circle and the I tied 100 sandwhich bags all around and it was so pretty a few people in my building asked if I could make them one and I made 3 more. It was time consuming but I remember how pretty they looked. I never made them again LOL These wreaths reminded me of them. They were really cheap.( I already had the hanger and a box of bags was .88 at my local BigLots store)

  4. Laurie says:

    Who knew bags could be so pretty! Love the wreath!

  5. Lisa M says:

    Great ideas. I have recylced the small plastic coffee container into bug catchers, purses, and bait boxes. Love to recycle. 🙂

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