Fresh, easy wall art made from photogenic scrapbook papers

An apple a day . . . yesterday, it was Apple Topiaries, and today it’s Apple Wall Art. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen our DIY scrapbook paper wall art, and today I have a mouthwatering version of scrapbook paper wall art. Have you seen the photo realistic scrapbook papers in stores? They look so real that you can almost taste them. Imagine how brilliant they would look on your walls. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up a room, so today, here’s our easy, DIY wall art made with apple papers.

Easy, DIY wall art for the fall season

Green Apple Wall Art

How cute would this wall art be hanging in your kitchen? You can fashion these three, 12” x 12” pieces of wall art for about $20. We’ll show you how to make the Green Apple Wall Art on

DIY apple wall art is perfect for the kitchen

These apples look mouthwatering!

These apples look so fresh and crisp that you could almost eat them. I’ve also seen these photo realistic papers with photos of strawberries, pasta, coffee beans, chocolate, sprinkles, and other yummies.

How to make scrapbook paper wall art

I used apples for my Green Apple Wall Art, but pasta or chocolate would be fun, too.

I bought my papers at Jo-Ann Stores. If that’s not convenient for you, I found that online retailer SugarTree sells scrapbook papers with red apples.

Wall Art made with photo realistic river rock scrapbook paper

River Rock Wall Art

I also fell in love with a paper with river rocks – so cool and refreshing. This paper and wall art would look beautiful just about anywhere, from a front hallway to a bedroom or family room. The instructions for the River Rock Wall Art are on, too.

Have you admired the photo realistic scrapbook papers before? What would you hang in your home?

Happy crafting.


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6 Responses to Fresh, easy wall art made from photogenic scrapbook papers

  1. Joan E. Floyd says:

    I think this will be another project for me to do. One question is “what do you do with the sides”? I just planned to leave as is, which is white. I really don’t want to paint them. Any ideas to share? Beautiful idea…I agree, some paper is too lovely to cut up. Thanks for sharing. Joan

    • Sharon says:

      I have a very easy solution for you — 1″ wide ribbon (grograin, satin, or what have you) is perfect to wrap around the edges. You can simply pin and glue on end, wrap the ribbon around your foam sheet, pinning and gluing when needed, and voila, you’re done. Have fun with this one! Sharon

      • Joan E. Floyd says:

        Thank you for your quick response. I will most likely try this because I have a lot of scrapbook paper to “play” with. lol

  2. Michelle says:

    I have often thought that there are many beautiful scrapbook papers that are too pretty to cut or cover up. Fantastic idea!!!

  3. LOVE THIS, beautiful papers and so easy – if you get tired of it, just cover it with something else!

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