Here’s how to make a Pebble Mosaic Wreath

Yesterday, Kathleen George showed us how to make a Garden Mosaic Ball using pebbles or polished river rocks. If you’re like me, you wouldn’t mind displaying these beautifully natural mosaics inside, too. Kathleen’s next idea will do just that, as she shares her tutorial for making Mosaic Wreaths from polished stones.

how to make a stone mosaic wreath

Polished Stone Mosaic Wreath by Kathleen George

Kathleen’s River Stone Mosaic Wreath has a soft and subtle, pastel color palette. She embellished her pebble mosaic wreath with seashells and a few other beach treasures. If you prefer, you can simply leave your Mosaic Wreath unadorned. The tutorial for the River Stone Mosaic Wreath is on

If you’d like a little more drama, check out Kathleen’s Polished Rock Mosaic Wreath. For this mosaic wreath, Kathleen chose larger polished stones in dark colors, and used a tinted grout between the stones. Wow! I don’t have instructions for this wreath, but you can adapt the instructions for the River Stone Mosaic Wreath to make it.

how to make a polished rock mosaic wreath

River Rock Mosaic Wreath by Kathleen George

These are such a beautiful, timeless craft — I hope you enjoy making your own mosaics.

I’m curious – do you collect rocks when you take a walk or hike, or maybe pocket a few when you travel? I do, and I’m wondering if you do, too.

Happy crafting.


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6 Responses to Here’s how to make a Pebble Mosaic Wreath

  1. Katiria says:

    We take a spoonful of dirt from places we’ve been and bring it back to our garden. We have traveled just within FL from Tampa and Orlando down to the Keys. It sounds weird but it makes us feel like our tiny garden is larger because its somehow connected to the places we’ve driven.

  2. Very creative and unique.

  3. Lisa M says:

    Love the rocks. They look really sturdy. 🙂

  4. Agidget says:

    We live near a river, so yes, we collect pebbles and rocks. Nice to know we can use them to create something useful!

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