Make a Solar System model for the rover Curiosity’s Mars landing (& a Solar System kit giveaway)

The Mars rover Curiosity, which launched last November, has traveled almost 350 million miles and will land on Mars at approximately 1:30 a.m. Monday. Wow! A 9-month, 350-million mile journey is mind boggling. To help your kids grasp how amazing this feat is, fuel their imaginations and make a model of the Solar System this weekend. There’s a tutorial for making a Solar System on, and the photo below links to the tutorial.

How to make a Solar System using Styrofoam balls

Can you find Mars?

This is the most ambitious flight to Mars yet, and I think it’s fascinating. To land, Curiosity has just 7 minutes to slow down from 13,200 mph to zero. I can’t imagine! Fewer than 1/3 of the 44 missions that have tried to reach Mars have succeeded. And of the dozen or so space craft that have reached Mars, only six have landed successfully. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Once it’s landed, the Curiosity will try to determine if Mars ever sustained life. I’m pretty sure that these Little Green Men didn’t ever live on Mars, but they’re a lot of fun to make. has a tutorial for making these Martians, so click on the photo for the instructions.

martian crafts for kids

These Little Green Men are fun to make with many of the supplies you already have on hand.

Here are a few links I found for more information about the rover Curiosity:


National Geographic Daily News

The Washington Post

Solar system kit giveaway

You might win a Solar System kit.

To commemorate Curiosity’s journey, I’m giving away a Solar System kit. For your chance to win the kit, please leave a comment below about the Rover Curiosity and its journey. Do you plan to watch the landing? Are your kids excited about it? I’ll draw one winner from the comments next Friday, August 10.


Happy crafting.


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7 Responses to Make a Solar System model for the rover Curiosity’s Mars landing (& a Solar System kit giveaway)

  1. Seher says:

    Am gonna TRT This it looks nice for my School project

  2. Belinda Hill says:

    Love the little green men!!

  3. Katiria says:

    My son loves outerspace. I have been busy with work but I will make it a point to watch this with him I’m sure he’ll Love it. Thanks!

  4. buggalcrafts says:

    prob will watch. i’m sure it will be on-line!!!

  5. annehaun says:

    This would be so neat for my three little grandsons – they love everything solar. I will not be watching as I will be on the road traveling.

  6. Donna O'Neil says:

    That is such a cool project. I heard about the journey on NPR this morning. I’ll try to watch it with my 4 1/2 daughter after we DVR it since I am at work all day.

  7. Lisa M says:

    What a great kit. I know my older kids did solar system projects for school. I’ll have to save this for the last 2. Thanks.

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