DIY Garden Mosaic Balls tutorial #3: Tile ‘em!

This week, Crafts ‘n Coffee is all about giving Mother Nature a little help out in the garden. Today’s classic mosaic technique uses tile and grout to create Garden Mosaic Balls in beautiful colors and patterns. Kathleen George uses two different styles of tile – colorful glass tile and more earthy clay tile, for these Garden Mosaic Balls.

how to make tiled mosaic garden balls

China tile is available in rainbow of colors, giving you lots of options when designing Tile Mosaic Eggs.

Also beautiful are the natural stone tiles, which create a more organic mosaic. DIY your own with the tutorial for the Stone Mosaic Garden Ball.

The tutorials are on, so click on the photos and away you’ll go.

Lots of ideas and tutorials for making mosaic garden balls using tile, pebbles, broken china, etc. See for the mosaic DIY.Do you have a favorite Mosaic Garden Ball from this week’s lineup? Tuesday was the Mosaic Garden Ball from CathGrace and Peggy; Wednesday was the China Mosaic Garden Ball; and today, of course, are the Tile Mosaic Garden Balls.

Happy crafting.


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