These Mosaic Garden Balls are smashing! How to DIY a China Mosaic Garden Ball

This project is a smashing success, though less drama is better when smashing your plates, and you’ll want to cushion them in a towel first. China Mosaic Garden Balls are a fun way to repurpose old china, whether it’s your own or pieces you found at the flea market or a yard sale. And while I’m calling them China Mosaic Garden Balls, the ones I’m showing today are actually made with foam eggs.

how to make china mosaic garden balls with balls of STYROFOAM brand foam

Blue Willow China Mosaic Garden Balls

The Blue Willow Mosaic Eggs designed by Kathleen George are covered in classic, blue & white china. Because Kathleen used grout between the pieces, they’re highly durable indoors and out.

how to make a china mosaic tutorial

Mosaic & Moss Eggs

In the Mosaic & Moss Eggs, Kathleen added a few pearly cabochons for added interest and texture. Instead of grout, Kathleen filled the spaces between the broken china pieces with moss. While I love this “been-in-the-garden-for-ages” look, these mossy, mosaic eggs are better displayed indoors than out.

how to make mosaics for the garden using styrofoam balls

Glass Gem Mosaic Eggs

I think a lot of the fun with mosaic projects is in mixing and matching your finds. Here, Kathleen covered her eggs with glass cabochons and added mosaic medallions made with a pretty, pastel floral china pattern. Look closely and you’ll see that Kathleen also tinted the grout she used to create these Glass Gem Mosaic Eggs.

These garden mosaics are all on, so click on thru for the tutorials. And you might also want to check out the CathGrace’s tutorial from yesterday for making DIY Garden Mosaic Balls primarily from found materials, like pebbles and glass pieces.Lots of ideas and tutorials for making mosaic garden balls using tile, pebbles, broken china, etc. See for the mosaic DIY.

I really want to try making a china mosaic. Have you ever made one? Do you have any tips to share?

Happy crafting.


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6 Responses to These Mosaic Garden Balls are smashing! How to DIY a China Mosaic Garden Ball

  1. Wow! This mosaic balls are really beautiful. It was really cool specially the moss eggs. I love the idea.

  2. Ooh I love this! Do you think it’s a craft my ten year old could help with?

  3. Cathye Clark says:

    I have a broken vase that would be perfect for this project. Thanks for the Idea!

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