Scoop up this fun – nine cute ice cream crafts for kids!

Truth be told, I’ve been known to pass on ice cream. My daughter, NOT! What kid wouldn’t find one of these nine ice cream crafts a pretty cool idea? Here’s what else I like about these ice cream crafts – you can make them into Christmas ornaments. Sure, it’s only July, but how great will it feel come December and the kids have already made their Christmas gifts?

ice cream crafts for kids

Everlasting Ice Cream Sundae on Crafts ‘n Coffee.

I’ll start our round up with three ice cream crafts featured right here on Crafts ‘n Coffee last year: the Everlasting Ice Cream Sundae, Everlasting Ice Cream Parfait and an Ice Cream Cone Ornament.

ice cream cone crafts for kids

Ice Cream Cone Ornament on Crafts ‘n Coffee

ice cream crafts for kids

Everlasting Ice Cream Parfait on Crafts ‘n Coffee.

Woman’s Day serves up cute, pompom covered ice cream cones made with real cones. You will definitely want to follow their advice and seal the cones to preserve them and keep out the bugs.

easy ice cream cone ornaments

Pompom Ice Cream Cones from Woman’s Day.

The Winter Wonderland Ice Cream Cones Tausha shares on Seven Thirty Three are also made with pompoms and use rolled paper for the cones. Tausha embellishes the paper cones with an assortment of sweet trims and ribbons.

easy ice cream cone ornament craft

Winter Wonderland Ice Cream Cone Craft from Seven Thirty Three

I love this idea – grate a bar of Ivory soap and mix the shavings with water for a coating that looks like ice cream. I found this Ivory Snow Ice Cream Cone on the blog BiblioBags (you might also want to take a peek at the very cool purses Autumn makes from books).

easy ice cream crafts

Ivory Snow Ice Cream Cone from BiblioBags.

The Ice Cream Cone Snowman ornaments from the Craft Elf use a textured snow paint for the faux ice cream. You can make a cute, year-round, Kawaii style ice cream cone with wiggle eyes, blushed cheeks, and a sweet smile.

ice cream cone ornaments

Ice Cream Cone Snowmen from The Craft Elf.

In a similar technique, Kathleen George created her Snowcone Snowman Ornament using lightweight, acrylic spackling.

easy snowman ornaments for kids to make

Snowcone Snowman Ornament on

Oops! This one is my favorite, and I have a feeling that a lot of kids will feel the same way. The Oops! Melted Ice Cream Cone is made with a mixture of white craft glue and acrylic craft paint. Clubhouse Magazine has the instructions.

how to make fake melted ice cream

Oops! Melted Ice Cream Cone from Clubhouse Magazine.

(While these all look so yummy, please remind your kids that they’re not edible.)

Where do you fall on the scale of “ice cream love”? Is ice cream a “10” for you, or more like a, meh, 5?

Happy crafting.


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