How to DIY faux beadboard, subway art for beach theme decor

I was amazed when I saw the subway art made by Cheri of It’s So Very Cheri. Her “Yacht Club & Marina” sign looks authentic, as if weathered by time and the elements. How perfect for beach theme home decor! Then as I read on, I saw that Cheri had made her “beadboard” subway art from a sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam! Inventive! Ingenious! Oh, the possibilities!

how to make faux beadboard for subway art

It’s so Very Cheri shares a tutorial to make faux beadboard.

With Cheri’s technique, you can make your beadboard sign any size and any shape – no power tools required. It’s easy to add grooves or crevices, or a few chips and dents. When you’re ready to hang your sign, it’s lightweight enough to hang with poster putty or maybe a small nail.

how to make subway art for beach theme decor

Cheri will show you how to get a perfectly aged look.

Check out Cheri’s tutorial to see just how she made her faux beadboard sign and think about what you might make . . .

Before I sign off for the weekend, I want to remind you about our patriotic crafts giveaway. You have until midnight, July 3rd to enter, and the winners will be announced Wednesday, July 4th.

So, does anyone have plans for the beach (or marina) this weekend?

Happy crafting!


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