Make an easy, patriotic wreath from all-American bandanas

How all American are bandanas? In 1775, Martha Washington commissioned the first bandana, and had it printed with a picture of George Washington on horseback. Which makes bandanas the perfect choice for 4th of July crafts! Over the next week, Patty Schaffer is going to share several patriotic crafts made with bandanas. Today’s tutorial is for Patty’s Patriotic Fringed Bandana Wreath. If you can rip fabric & tie knots, you can make this quick & easy patriotic wreath in just an hour or two.

fast & easy patriotic wreath for July 4th

Look closely and you’ll see that Patty tied strips of printed ribbon between the bandanas.

To make a Patriotic Fringed Bandana Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, 12” wreath
  • Bandanas, six in assorted red, white & blue prints
  • Ribbons & trims in assorted patriotic colors & prints
  • Tools needed: Scissors
how to make a July 4th wreath

Bandanas, a wreath ring, and a pair of scissors are all you’ll need.

To make a Patriotic Fringed Bandana Wreath:

1. Cut off the sewn hems around each bandana.

2. Cut a small snip about ¾” in from the edge of a bandana. Pull on this strip, creating a torn strip the length of the bandana.

how to make an easy Fourth of July wreath

Once you’ve cut the hems from the bandanas, make a small snip 3/4″ in from one edge and let ‘er rip!

3. Repeat, till all of the bandanas are torn in strips.

how to make a fast & easy patriotic wreath for July 4th

You’ll have a big ol’ pile of strips when you’re done.

4. Tie a bandana strip around the foam wreath and double knot it on the outside of the wreath.

5. Continue tying bandana strips around the wreath, slightly overlapping each strip.

make a fast, patriotic fabric wreath for the fourth of July

Overlap your strips as you tie them on so that the wreath form is completely covered.

6. Tie on an occasional patriotic ribbon or trim for a fun look.

7. When the wreath is completely covered in bandana strips, trim the fringe to a length you like.

history of bandanas

Here’s the original bandana, commissioned by Martha Washington in 1775.

Fun, isn’t it? I hope you’ll check in tomorrow for another patriotic bandana craft from Patty!

Have you ever crafted with bandanas? What did you make?

Happy crafting!


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18 Responses to Make an easy, patriotic wreath from all-American bandanas

  1. Teresa says:

    I just found this page And I Love It. I’m Gonna Go Crazy Making These Wreaths. Thank You For Such Good Ideas.

  2. Pingback: Make it with a bandana!! | Uniquely Crafted

  3. Violet says:

    Due to my health I am always late looking at anything on the internet. I wanted to let you know that I told my daughter about your blog. She is just getting into crafts. You have so many great ideals. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sharon says:

      I’m so glad you could join us tonight, Violet, and thank you for sharing Crafts ‘n Coffee with your daughter. I’m always happy to hear from you. I wish you a wonderful holiday week! Sharon

  4. sandy futch says:

    thank you Sharon what a great idea! I have scraps of cotton material sitting around…
    this would be great for!

  5. This is a fantastic wreath! Good job. I hope you will link this up to my Patriotic Project Parade going on now through July 4th.

  6. T'onna says:

    Awesome wreath! I saw it on a blog link party, and I just had to come over and check it out! Great job!

  7. It looks fabulous in its *official* picture! Thank you for the opportunity to design such fun projects for STYROFOAM Brand Foam!

  8. Cookie17 says:

    AWWWWW,here’s another pretty one love it ,Thank’s for showing it….Cookie17

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