For a beach theme party, or a simple summer day, set the table with a seashell & sea glass centerpiece

Whether it’s a beach theme wedding, a party, or because you adore beach theme home décor, these Sea Glass Mosaic Candlesticks bring the roar of the shore to you. This romantic, beach theme centerpiece combines two favorites – seashells and sea glass, and can be crafted in about an hour. So go ahead, display your beach treasures, chill the wine, light the candles, and relax!

beach theme home decor ideas

Sea Glass Mosaic Candlesticks designed by Kathleen George

To make the Sea Glass Mosaic Candlesticks, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: two, 3” cubes
  • Gray acrylic craft paint
  • Tumbled sea glass, several small bags
  • Seashells, assorted
  • Beach sand, small amount
  • Latex ceramic tile adhesive
  • Plastic floral candle picks
  • Tools: Medium flat paintbrush; palette knife; disposable palette; water basin; paper towels

    how to make a sea glass mosaic centerpiece

    A close-up view of the Sea Glass Mosaic Candlesticks.

To make the Sea Glass Mosaic Candlesticks:

1. Paint the candle picks gray; let dry. Push picks firmly into center tops of each foam cube.

2. Mix a small amount of sand into a small amount of latex tile adhesive in disposable bowl. (Note: The adhesive dries out quickly so cover the bowl with a damp paper towel when you’re not using it.)

3. Using the palette knife, spread a 1/4″-thick layer of adhesive onto a small area of a foam cube. Press pieces of sea glass firmly into the adhesive, placing pieces as close together as possible. Repeat till all four sides of the cube are covered.

4. Spread adhesive on the top of the cube, and press the seashells into the adhesive. Fill in any gaps with more adhesive and more shells, but do not cover up the candle pick opening.

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for second cube. Let candlesticks dry overnight.

Here’s another option, too – the Seashells & Beach Glass Candlerings, with a tutorial on

beach theme centerpiece ideas

Seashell & Beach Glass Candlerings

And that wraps up our week at the beach on Crafts ‘n Coffee. Are you planning a week at the beach this summer? Tell me about your summer travel plans.

Happy crafting!


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One Response to For a beach theme party, or a simple summer day, set the table with a seashell & sea glass centerpiece

  1. Lisa M says:

    The candelrings would make a great touch to a dinner party.

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