A fun & funky Fourth of July wreath

It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun. Can you guess the secret ingredient for this July 4th Wreath? I did a double take when I saw the tutorial for this patriotic wreath from Fit Crafty Stylish & Happy. Page on down to see how Cassidy made her patriotic summertime wreath.

patriotic wreath made with twizzlers licorice

July 4th Wreath from Fit Crafty Stylish & Happy

What’s your guess? Pasta? Wood pieces? Beads? How about red licorice! How clever is that? Cassidy camouflaged the licorice by painting her wreath blue, though I think it’s pretty in red, too. (If you spray paint your wreath, be sure the foam is covered by the candy, as many spray paints contain solvents that might melt the foam.) She even painted red stripes on her muslin hanger, making it the perfect complement for the blue wreath.

make a wreath with twizzler licorice bits

Cassidy used Twizzler Bits to create the mosaic on her wreath. Genius!

Do you remember the Gumball Wreath from last week? That was Cassidy’s work, too. She’s so creative!

how to make a gumball wreath

Summer Gumball Wreath by Fit Crafty Stylish & Happy.

Be sure to stop in at Fit Crafty Stylish & Happy and tell Cassidy how cool her wreaths are.

July 4th wreath made with licorice Twizzlers

Fit Crafty Stylish & Happy made with wreath with Twizzler Bits!

Now tell me, what was your initial guess?

Happy crafting, everyone!


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7 Responses to A fun & funky Fourth of July wreath

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  2. Jenni says:

    I guessed it right away, but my son called me crazy and said they were beads. 1 point Mom, 0 points son. 🙂

  3. Cookie17 says:

    Wow ! This is probably first this kind,,lol,Pretty ……..

  4. Cathye Clark says:

    I thought it was a special pasta shape. What a neat idea!

  5. Geri Johnson says:

    i didn’t have a clue what it was! but i love the texture of the licorice wreath! although i think i’d run out of licorice before i finished making it! 😀

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