More fun & sweet Father’s Day craft ideas

When working on the Candy Bouquets I posted yesterday, I came across a few more fun, candy-theme gift ideas for Father’s Day that I had to share. I mean, whose dad wouldn’t love a computer made out of candy? Or a guitar? Or, adapt this idea for just about any hobby. Once you’ve constructed the basic shape from a foam sheet, the kids can get busy decorating so they can say they made it, too.

how to make a candy computer for dad

Candy Computer from Edible Crafts Online

Edible Crafts Online shares a tutorial to make a candy “computer” from sheets of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Cutting foam sheets isn’t hard, and our tips will help you through it. Then, you’re ready to decorate! You could also make this a TV screen, an iPad or a cell phone.

how to make a candy computer for Father's Day gift idea

Candy Computer from Edible Gifts Online

How about a candy guitar? Or a sport team mascot? Or maybe a fish for a fisherman, or a hammer for a DIY guy, or  . . . you name it.

make a candy guitar for dad

Candy Guitars from Edible Crafts Online

For just about any occasion, I like this candy bar cake made with miniature chocolate bars and foam discs. There are so many ways to “bake” this cake. These are custom printed labels, but you could also use the miniature candy bars “as is,” without custom labels, or wrap them in scrapbook papers. The message is optional, though it’s a great way to personalize it, from “Happy Father’s Day” to “Good Luck” for a graduate. For the “recipe,” see the tutorial on Bliss Tree.

tutorial to make a candy bar cake centerpiece

Candy Bar Cake from Bliss Tree

I think these confectionary creations would make the Cake Boss proud, don’t you?

Happy crafting!


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2 Responses to More fun & sweet Father’s Day craft ideas

  1. Lisa M says:

    What great ideas. I’ll keep this on my list of must tries. Thanks!

  2. Maria Chuy Soto says:


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