A round-up of easy & all-American patriotic crafts to celebrate summer!

What could be more all-American than denim and bandanas? Last year, I made a super-simple collection of patriotic crafts using denim, bandanas, and scrapbook papers, and I’m sharing them again today. You can get a lot of mileage out of these patriotic crafts – make them for Memorial Day, and enjoy them all summer long. They’re all super-easy summertime crafts because in the sweet summertime, the livin’s easy, right?

how to make rag balls with styrofoam balls

Hundreds of years ago, women made rag balls to save every little scrap of fabric.

I’m starting with the easiest – Patriotic Rag Balls. Just tear denim, bandanas or other fabrics into strips and wrap the strips around the balls of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. Surely you have time to make these before the weekend?

how to make DIY ruffled topiary trees

Change up the fabrics and make these for these Ruffled Topiaries for Christmas, too.

I combined denim and bandanas again to make this pair of Patriotic Ruffled Topiaries.

easy patriotic summertime crafts

These Star Spangled Squares are super easy and super festive.

Here’s another simple summertime centerpiece idea – Star Spangled Centerpiece Squares. I wrapped foam cubes in scrapbook paper; added ribbons, buttons and stickers; topped them with shred; and planted my flags.

Repurpose your old jeans to make these denim crafts.

I confess – I love wearing and decorating with denim. If you’re a fan of denim, check out the All-American Denim & Flowers Wreath and All-American Denim & Ruffles Topiary. This is a fun way to repurpose your old jeans, too.

craft ribbon giveaway

You could win a roll of this beautiful paper ribbon!

Oh yes, it’s almost summer! My lilacs and rhododendrons are blooming, and the peonies are ready to burst. And talk about bursting – the kids in my little town are super excited for the annual carnival and a weekend packed with rides, games, sweet treats and even a parade. Tell me, how do you celebrate the start of summer where you live?

And don’t forget, we have a giveaway that closes at midnight on Thursday, May 24. I’m giving away two rolls of beautiful paper ribbon you can no longer find in the stores.

Till Friday, happy crafting!


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5 Responses to A round-up of easy & all-American patriotic crafts to celebrate summer!

  1. buggalcrafts says:

    Love ur rag balls. I will def be making some for the 4th! Of course I’m tearing my fabric. And I have a small piece of “made in the USA” fabric I have been saving for something special. I bet this would be super cute to use plastic ball ornaments in place of the Styrofoam so they could be hung on a tree (of course u can always add a hanger to the styrofoam too!). I have some pieces of quilts that I bought so super raggeddy that would be dariing done this way for my Christmas tree this year!

  2. Cookie17 says:

    These great I love Americana look go with most anything…Great job pretty things so simple ..

    • Sharon says:

      These are super-easy, Cookie, which makes them great for a summertime craft. You can make them in an evening (or less). Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Lindy says:

    Oh my, these are awesome!

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