Nine natural ideas for DIY wedding decorations

Today, I’m sharing the companion pieces for the Birch Bark Centerpiece Wedding Cake from last week. These Birch Bark & Roses Centerpieces are a naturally elegant way to decorate, whether you’re making DIY decorations for a garden wedding, anniversary party or bridal shower. I have a collection of eight other DIY wedding decorating ideas, too, all of them created with a little help from Mother Nature. And don’t forget, they’re all easy to customize with your favorite flowers and colors.

DIY wedding decorations made with birch bark

Birch Bark & Roses Centerpieces designed by Diane Flowers.

To make the Birch Bark & Roses Centerpieces, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: Three 5” cubes & one 4”x4”x2” block
  • Birch Bark Flats, eight (
  • Twisted green vines, two
  • Silk flowers: three light & two dark pink roses; two bunches rose pink cornflowers; one pink ranunculus
  • Silk ivy
  • Reindeer moss
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Floral shears or knippers; floral pins; scissors

To make the Birch Bark & Roses Centerpieces:

1. Glue the 2”x4”x4” block of STYROFOAM™ brand foam onto top of one 5” cube.

2. Glue the two remaining 5” cubes together.

3. Cut four 10” x 5” birch bark strips to cover the sides of stacked, 5” cubes. Cut four 7” x 5” strips to cover the sides of the shorter block.

4. Loop the green vines around the top of each block, securing them with flower pins and glue. Be sure to lave space between the loops for inserting the flowers in Step 5.

make your own DIY wedding decorations

Wind the vine around, attach, and then add your flowers.

5. Trim the stems of all of the flowers to approximately 2” – 3” and insert them into the tops of the foam blocks. Use the picture as a guide for placement and use low-temp glue to secure the flower stems to the tops.

6. Arrange and glue the ivy stems, leaves and reindeer moss into the gaps between the flowers.

Are you ready for a few more DIY wedding ideas? The first idea I want to share is one I found when sorting through old photo files, and it proves that good ideas never go “stale.” It’s also a Birch Bark Centerpiece Cake, but natural sticks create risers to elevate the top layer, and it’s decorated with dried flowers instead of silks. Unfortunately, I don’t have the instructions for this one, but I think you can adapt Diane’s instructions from last week to make this one, too.

Such a pretty centerpiece cake -- Styrofoam discs are "frosted" with birch bark.

Use sticks to create risers and elevate the top tier on your cake.

I do have instructions for the rest of the projects below, and they all link to the tutorials on Diane Flowers designed the Floral “Surprise Package” Candleholders by covering foam bases with reindeer moss and wrapping them up in pretty ribbons to look like packages. Maybe you prefer orange or some other color? Change out the ribbons and flowers and presto, you’ll have a beautiful, custom centerpiece.

DIY wedding centerpieces

Floral “Surprise Package” Candleholders designed by Diane Flowers.

These stately Elegant Garden Topiaries would be beautiful standing by the church doors, at the altar, or even in the foyer at home. Again, you’ll find it’s an easy combo of reindeer moss and foam balls, with embellishments you can personalize.

how to make moss topiaries for a wedding

Elegant Garden Topiaries by Diane Flowers.

What could be more classic than this Elegant White Rose Centerpiece? The “bowl” is actually half a foam ball covered in decoupaged papers.

make a white rose centerpiece for a wedding

Elegant White Rose Centerpiece by Diane Flowers.

The Love in Bloom Wreath, also designed by Diane, spells it out in wired words. Wouldn’t it be “love”ly hung on a church door or your front door?

howt to make a heart-shaped moss wreath for a wedding

Love in Bloom Wreath by Diane Flowers.

One look at this Romantic Floral Cone and you can see why tussy mussies are a romantic alternative to wreaths. I think this would be very appropriate hanging on church pews or perhaps on the back of the bride’s chair at the wedding reception.

how to make moss decorations for a wedding

Romantic Floral Cone by Diane Flowers.

For a tussy mussy that’s a little more exotic, take a look at the Tropical Orchid Cone.

how to decorate with orchids for your wedding

Tropical Orchid Cone by Diane Flowers

And I’ll finish this round up back where we started, with one more idea for birch bark – the Hydrangea & Birch Bark Cone, one of my favorites!

birch bark crafts for weddings

Hydrangea & Birch Bark Cone designed by Kathleen George & Diane Flowers.

Is anyone planning a wedding, for you or someone else? Share the details! I’d love to hear more.

Happy crafting!


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5 Responses to Nine natural ideas for DIY wedding decorations

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  2. Gorgeous ideas! I’m not planning a wedding but you could totally use a lot of these for parties or showers or even home decor. I love the last one! It would make a beautiful statement hanging on my front door for Spring! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Brittany! I love that one, too, and actually, if you change these up a bit, many of them would be pretty in your home year round. Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  3. Sara Tanner says:

    These are ALL stunning!!! Keep them coming! LOL

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