A Button Bouquet tutorial & 18 more Mother’s Day craft ideas (and two giveaways!)

You can make this charming Button Flower Bouquet to celebrate May Day, Mother’s Day, or even a favorite teacher. If you make this Button Bouquet for a Mother’s Day gift, how cool would it be to use buttons from baby clothes or other sentimental outfits? I’m also sharing 18 more crafty gift ideas for Mother’s Day (or Teacher Appreciation Day), including Mother’s Day crafts for kids.

how to make a button bouquet

Button Flower Bouquet by Patty Schaffer

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With so many gift-giving occasions coming up, be sure to check out all of today’s featured crafts for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week, too. If you’re planning a bridal shower in the months ahead, I think several of these designs would be beautiful for this special occasion.

To make a Button Flower Bouquet, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 5” egg
  • Buttons, assorted sizes & colors (about 90)
  • Pearl head pins (about 40)
  • Silver wire, 20-gauge
  • Tissue paper
  • Florist tape
  • Pompom trim, 6”
  • Mini glue dots
  • Mod Podge
  • Thick white craft glue
  • Tools: Serrated knife & old candle or bar of soap; scissors; paint brush

To make a Button Flower Bouquet:

how to make button flowers

Stack three or four buttons for each flower.

1. Stack together 3 – 4 buttons, with the largest button on the bottom. Thread buttons onto an 8” length of wire; bend a U in one end of the wire, and thread the short end through another hole in the buttons. Twist the wire tightly at the bottom of the button stack. Wrap stem tightly with floral tape, leaving the last two inches exposed.

2. Create additional button flowers, varying sizes and colors of buttons. Depending on the size of your buttons, you’ll need about 15 – 20 flowers for your bouquet.

3. Wax the serrated knife blade with a bar of soap or an old candle. Cut a slice from the wide end of the foam egg so the egg will stand up. Cut a small slice from the narrow end of the egg for the bouquet.

4. Cut tissue paper into strips (we used 24 strips). You can also simply tear tissue paper into pieces. Brush Mod Podge onto a portion of the foam egg. Apply tissue paper and smooth out wrinkles. Repeat, till egg is covered with tissue paper. Brush on a topcoat of Mod Podge and let dry.

5. Insert the flower stems into the top of the egg vase, arranging them as you go.

6. Pin buttons at random all around the dry vase. Using mini glue dots, add pompom trim around the top edge of the vase.

7. Cut 1” squares from tissue paper. Insert a pearl head pin into center of each square and insert into the top of the vase, creating tufts. Arrange around the flower stems, concealing the top of the vase.

Whether your mom is sentimental or sensible, I hope you’ll find the perfect craft for her in today’s collection of 18 Mother’s Day crafts. Several of the ideas are perfect for kids to make, too. We’ll start with one more button craft, the Sweetheart Button Wreath.

how to make a button wreath

Sweetheart Button Wreath by Patty Schaffer

If your mom is a fan of prims, she might appreciate the Felt Penny Wreath. This wreath has a dramatic color scheme, and if you purchase premade felt pennies, available on sites like etsy, you can whip it up fast.

how to make a felt penny wreath

Felt Penny Wreath by Kathleen George

Maybe mom’s a flower child, or an avid gardener? Then celebrate mom with the bold and bright Fabric Flower Power Wreath; it’s a good way to use up fabric scraps, too.

make a fabric flower wreath

Fabric Flower Power Wreath by Kathleen George

For more flower fun, make the Needle Felted Flower Pins using scraps of fabric and bits of wool roving. And if you’re making one, why not make a few more – one for you, one for a teacher, and one for . . .

how to needle felt

Needle Felted Flower Pins by Rebekah Meier

The Tissue & Tulle Floral Cube Centerpiece wraps up Mother’s Day gift giving in a pretty package.

easy floral centerpiece

Tissue & Tulle Floral Cube by Diane Flowers

Change up the centerpiece with moss and purple ranunculus for the more natural Purple Posies Packaged 4 U arrangement.

easy centerpiece ideas

Purple Posies Packaged 4 U by Diane Flowers

Check out the sparkling garland woven into the handle of the Pink Posy Purse. The black & white scrapbook paper is always in style, and this little handbag centerpiece is lovely for Mother’s Day, and equally at home at a bridal shower.

diy wedding shower centerpiece

Pink Posy Purse by Diane Flowers

These Ooh-la-la Floral Purses mix in moss, silk flowers, grape vines and vintage style scrapbook papers.

wedding shower centerpiece ideas

Ooh-La-La Floral Purses by Diane Flowers

Pomanders are an easy way to decorate for so many occasions, and these Exotic Floral Spheres can be hung from doorways or windows, displayed on shelves and mantels, or placed in a row down the center of a table. You can see how easy it is to change the flowers and colors to create custom pomanders.

how to make pomanders

Exotic Floral Spheres by Diane Flowers

If mom prefers the beach to the garden, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Sea Glass & Sand Orbs. Who doesn’t love the soothing colors of sea glass?

sea glass & seashell crafts

Sea Glass & Sand Orbs by Kathleen George

I don’t think you can go wrong with the Teatime Topiary and Teacup Topiary. You can repurpose second-hand teacups and a teapot, and then switch out the silk flowers to match your selected china.

how to make a teacup topiary

Teatime & Teacup Topiaries by Annabelle Keller

But, maybe mom isn’t the teatime sort? Well then, how about a Leopard Print Memo Board? Who can’t use a little organizational help, especially when it’s super-stylish?

how to make a bulletin board

Leopard Bag Memo Board by Annabelle Keller

If mom is the sentimental sort, this Mother’s Memories Photo Cube displays favorite vintage photos and ephemera.

DIY photo cube

Mother’s Memories Photo Cube by Rebekah Meier

Made with smaller foam cubes, the Photo Cube Trio would be a great project for younger hands.

diy photo cube for kids

Photo Cube Trio by Kathleen George

You can DIY your own Color Art Photo Frames, cutting them to any size and shape you like. Then, brush on a little tissue paper & Mod Podge for a custom finish.

diy decoupage picture frames

Color Art Photo Frames by Annabelle Keller

Be sure to let little hands help out making the Out-of-this-World Photo Holder, and mom will treasure it for years.

Mother's Day crafts for kids

Out-of-this-World Photo Holder by Jill Evans

Repurpose an old CD to make the useful CD Photo Clip.

easy Mother's Day crafts for kids

Ethereal CD Photo Clip by Kathleen George

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Happy crafting!


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37 Responses to A Button Bouquet tutorial & 18 more Mother’s Day craft ideas (and two giveaways!)

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  3. rfnancy says:

    Last year was my favorite Mother’s Day. For the First time in 12 years I was able to spend the week end with both My daughters. It was just fantastic, and the Memories are to the Moon and Back!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

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  7. cnuland says:

    Thanks for all the flower links – I love flower crafts. My favorite Mother’s Day was last year – we didn’t do anything special other than going out to eat, but it was incredible to me because it was my first as a mother.

  8. When I was a little girl the church we belonged to always had a Mother’s Day tea after the Sunday service. We were all dressed up with our little white gloves on and sat a the table and ate little sandwiches and cookies and got to drink a cup of grown-up tea. It was so magical! My mother always beamed when she talked about those teas in later years. Now she is gone, but I still have the memories of those wonderful Mother’s Day celebrations!

  9. The best memory I have of Mother’s Day is the year my sister and I took my mother to a Mother’s Day brunch at her church. They put on a lovely fashion show of vintage wedding dresses and then we were served brunch by a good looking waiter. My sister and I try to make my Mom laugh by getting a little silly. She says, “You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out.”

  10. Goat Girl says:

    Any Mother’s Day I can spend with my mom is my favorite becaise we lived so far apart fpr so long! I love buttons! 🙂

  11. Lauren J says:

    I have so many great mother’s day memories, from making special gifts for my mom as a child, to having my parents make sure my daughter always had something to do on mother’s day for me when I was a single mom, and now celebrating as a mom of three with my husband and children.

  12. Shannon says:

    I don’t have one in particular. I spend every year with my mother and sometimes my grandma (and other family members) and I always make them homemade cake (carrot usually) that they love and I try to give them homemade gifts when I can. It is nice because sometimes I only see them on holidays.

  13. Sharon says:

    So many special memories! I love reading everyone’s Mother’s Day comments. Thank you all for sharing. Sharon

  14. melle e. says:

    My favorite mothers day was my first. I was a single mom and it was just me and my little man. My dad sent me a mother baby cameo in blues. I wore it non stop until kidlet wad old enough to go shopping with gram and pick something for his self. He picked a pearl heart. The kind where you harvest the pearl. Now i wear that one all the time.

  15. Ellen H says:

    I enjoy Mother’s Day every year, when Mom has to drag Dad and I out of the house for a hike (she also does this on Christmas Day). I always think it’s miserable, but I secretly enjoy it :D.

  16. jaydensmommy says:

    my fav mothers day was my first one (so far, this will be my 3rd mothers day) i got breakfast in bed… from my 4 month old, a pic of her in her high chair with my breakfast and mothers day balloons.. a card made with my cricut by my husband and baby and we painted the baby’s nursery. I also got an early mothers day present of a rot puppy from the human society 2 weeks before.. that i had been begging for for over a week. 🙂

  17. Geri Johnson says:

    My favorite Mother’s Day was the year my daughter became a mom for the first time – we planned a Mother’s day date & we went and got a mani-pedi and went out to lunch. It was great to celebrate her being a mom for the first time – plus this was uninterrupted time for us to chat and spend time together – no husbands or babies, just us enjoying each other’s company like two friends who just happen to be mother and daughter. It was great!

  18. Lisa M says:

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when my oldest son now a senior in high school came home from 1st grade with a huge card that said my mom’s favorite….on top was my craftshow Carol Duvall. I still have the card and the memory. 🙂 My daughter made me a button heart pin in 3rd grade. I still wear it.

    • Sharon says:

      Those are very special memories, Lisa. I love the Carol Duvall comment — she’s top on any crafter’s list! Thanks for sharing. Sharon

  19. Lindy says:

    My favorite Mother’s Day is the year after I had my daughter…the first REAL Mother’s Day for me. My hubby took us out and then went to the park. I will never forget! Thanks for the chance!

  20. My favorite Mother’s Day memory was my first celebration as a mommy. It reminded me how much my life had changed for the better.

  21. Sey says:

    My favorite Mother’s Day Memory was last year when my 3 year old daughter and I spent the day in our PJ’s and crafted. She is the best helper and artist I have ever met. I have learned from the best women in my family and will pass on all of their dedication and knowledge to her every single day! This year will be great as well b/c her first ballet recital will be on Mother’s Day. Yay, dancing Pink Poodles!!!

  22. Jennifer H says:

    My favorite Mother’s Days were the ones when my brother and I were in Elementary School and we would make those cute handmade gifts that we all remember! 🙂

  23. ambjer s. says:

    love the wreaths!
    I’m not a mother, but I love to give my mom handmade gifts

  24. Rebecca W says:

    My favorite Mother’s Day was the day I spent with my mother following my college graduation day. It was a special weekend when we could celebrate together.

    Lovely ideas for Mother’s Day.

  25. Denise Royal says:

    Probably the first Mother’s Day after my son was born. I was given a very nice shell brooch, which I still have.

  26. Donna O'Neil says:

    My favorite mother’s day memory was my first mother’s day 4 years ago where I got lots of flowers from friends and family. Also, since mother’s day often coincides with my birthday, that year my husband got me a Tacori Platinum and diamond wedding band.

  27. Monika/buzsy says:

    These are all so pretty! Love the pretty buttons. :o)

  28. Meagan Vaughn says:

    My favorite Mother’s day memory is when we went to the Ranger’s Game last year. Its the first time since my sister and I were little that we were able to go as a family to the game. We all had a great time.

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