Needle felting how to: Make a bright, beaded & beautiful Needle Felted Banner

What is needle felting? Patty Schaffer of P.S. Capture the Details demonstrates how to needle felt today. Patty’s sweet Needle Felted Ball Banner is an easy project for needle felting novices, yet appealing enough for experienced needle felters, too. If you’re still wondering what to get mom for her day on May 8th, may I suggest that this easy needle felting project might make the perfect crafty Mother’s Day gift idea?

how to needlefelt an easy project

Choose bright colors like Patty did, or change it up with all-white or pastels, or . . .

Patty uses bright colors of wool roving for her cheerful garland, and of course, you can use your (or your mom’s) favorite colors. Think holidays, too – use white wool roving to make a snowball garland for the Christmas tree; or shades of pink for a Valentine’s Day banner. You could also adapt Patty’s tutorial to larger balls and make Christmas ornaments. Once you see how easy it is to needle felt, there’s so much you can do!

how to needlefelt a colorful ball banner

Patty needle felted seven balls, making a banner just long enough to hang between two nobs on her dresser.

So, follow along with Patty’s beautiful photos as she shows you how to make a Needle Felted Ball Banner.

To make a Needle Felted Ball Banner, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 1″ or 1-1/2” balls (Patty’s garland uses seven balls, and she suggests you can make this size in the time it takes to watch a movie.)
  • Wool roving, colors of your choice
  • Embroidery floss
  • Tools needed: Scissors; single-needle felting needle; large-hole sewing needle
  • Optional: small beads, clear thread, beading needle
felting needle and felting supplies

What you'll need to make your banner.

To make a Needle Felted Ball Banner:

1. Gather just enough roving to wrap around and cover your foam ball. Using the felting needle, stab the ball over and over, “locking” fibers into place and creating a felted surface. Continue, working around the ball, till the surface is evenly covered and felted. CAUTION: Needle felting needles are extremely sharp — make sure you don’t poke your fingers!

easy needle felting project

Wrap your foam ball in a small amount of wool roving.

how to needle felt project

Try to use the same amount of roving on each ball so they will be the same size.

how to use a felting needle

Careful using the felting needle -- they're extremely sharp!

2. Repeat with additional balls, using the same amount of wool roving each time so that the felted balls will be approximately the same size.

how to needle felt

The needle felted balls, ready for finishing.

3. If you’re going to bling your balls with beads, thread beading needle with invisible thread and stitch beads onto balls. (I love this added sparkle.)

a needle felted banner for Mother's Day

You'll need a clear thread and beading needle to add the beads (this is optional).

felted balls with beads

The beads add sparkle!

4. Thread embroidery floss through the large-hole needle. Push needle through center of each ball and string the balls together.

how to make needle felted balls

The felted balls are threaded and ready to hang.

If you like Patty’s style (and photos) be sure to visit her at P.S. Capture the Details. And, don’t miss her etsy shop, P.S. It’s in the details, stocked with paper whimsies of all sorts (and all beautifully detailed, of course).

Make an ombre wreath

Here's a sneak peek for Friday!

Thanks for stopping in today, and we’ll see you Friday with another springtime project.

Happy crafting!


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5 Responses to Needle felting how to: Make a bright, beaded & beautiful Needle Felted Banner

  1. Ooh, I think these would make great Christmas ornaments. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      Yes they would! You can make a garland like Patty’s for the tree, or use larger balls and make individual ornaments. By using a ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam as your center, you’ll use less wool roving. If you make a few ornaments, I’d love to see them — please be sure to share a photo. Happy crafting! Sharon

  2. Love love love this idea! My mother still has some lingering Christmas decorations up (yes…I know) and I am thinking of trying larger balls (3″) for her mantle! “To the craft store Robin!”

  3. Katiria says:

    OMG these remind me of the truffula trees from The Lorax! -wouldn’t it be cute to create a whole mini forest as a centerpeice for a party….;)

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