Easter Eggstravaganza Week: Washi Tape Easter Egg Tutorial (& two surprising DIY Easter Cards)

Have you seen or used Washi Tape, a colorful, patterned tape? It’s super-easy to use – with just a few strips, you can decorate all sorts of surfaces, from greeting cards to glassware to – STYROFOAM Easter eggs! Today’s Easter Eggstravaganza craft is a tutorial to make Washi Tape Easter Eggs. I’m also sharing two extra special, DIY Easter cards. (And, today is your last day to enter to win our Most Eggsellent Prize Package.)

make washi tape easter eggs

Colorful Washi Tape is a fast way to dress up foam eggs.

To make a Washi Tape Easter Egg, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 4” egg
  • Washi Tape
  • Mod Podge, matte finish
  • Tools needed: Sharp pencil; rubber band; scissors; wooden skewer; paintbrush or foam brush
crafts with washi tape

Firmly press and smooth out the Washi Tape along the curves of the egg.

To make a Washi Tape Easter Egg:

1. Using a sharp pencil, lightly score your design lines on the foam egg. To help you place horizontal or vertical stripes, wrap a rubber band around the egg first, and then draw your line next to the rubber band. Refer to the photo to create stripes and spirals, or make your own designs.

2. Gently rub the egg in your hands to remove any loose crumbs. Wrap pieces of Washi Tape around the foam egg, following the scored lines. Firmly smooth down the tape as you go to ensure a secure bond.

3. When the egg is covered, insert a wooden skewer into the bottom of the egg. Brush on a generous coat of Mod Podge. Let dry.

Raise your hand if you make or receive handmade greeting cards. There’s something extra special about a handmade card. The two cards I’m sharing today have an added dimension that makes them even more special – a decoupaged half egg is on the front. You’ll find the instructions for the Bright & Happy Easter Card and Elegant Easter Greetings on StyrofoamCrafts.com.

how to make Easter cards

Bright & Happy Easter Card by Rebekah Meier.

Elegant Easter Greeting Card by Rebekah Meier.

It’s the last day of Easter Eggstravaganza Week, and at midnight tonight, I’m drawing the winner of our Most Eggsellent Prize Package. Make sure your name is in the hopper by reading through this week’s tutorials and answering the question I ask each day. Every answer is one more entry in our giveaway.

For an additional entry, “Like” us on Facebook. Or if you’re already one of our Facebook fans, share your Easter craft photos on our Facebook page. Each new Facebook “Like” and each new Easter craft photo shared on our Facebook page will count as additional entries.

Here’s what’s in the Most Eggsellent Prize Package:

craft giveaways

You could win this Springtime Centerpiece!

  • One dozen eggs of STYROFOAM Brand Foam
  • A beautiful springtime centerpiece
  • Craft apron
  • Starbucks VIA coffee packets (this is Crafts ‘n Coffee, after all!)

On to today’s question, which is a two-part question.  Over the last week, I’ve shared two dozen ways to decorate Easter eggs (phew!).  I want to know: 1. Which one is your favorite Easter egg craft: and 2. Do you have plans to make any of the Easter eggs?

Thank you for visiting this week and sharing in our Easter crafting fun!

4/3/12 UPDATE on our winners:

  • Geri Johnson is the winner of our Most Eggsellent Prize Package.
  • Surprise giveaways: I had so much fun reading all of your comments last week, and I also want to welcome our many new Facebook fans, so I drew two more names: Karen Pelphrey Turner and Anne Haun. Karen & Anne each win a craft apron and a 3-pack of Via coffee.

Please contact me, Geri, Karen and Anne, so I can arrange to send out your packages. (If I don’t hear from you in the next 72 hours, I will have to pick a new name.)

NOTE: This giveaway is now closed.

Happy crafting!


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20 Responses to Easter Eggstravaganza Week: Washi Tape Easter Egg Tutorial (& two surprising DIY Easter Cards)

  1. Melle Eldridge says:

    My favorites by far were the vintage eggs.

    We made eggs died with silk ties, mainly because DS11 just learned how to blow them out and was fascinated!

  2. Peach Lee says:

    That is a difficult question! I will go with the Mod Podge eggs since the images, patterns, and styles are unlimited. I plan to make these, the Paint Chip Sample Eggs, and at least one Pearl Covered Egg. xOx Peach

  3. Peach Lee says:

    How quick and easy to create a Washi Tape Egg! I ♥ this! x0x Peach

  4. I loved the vintage inspired ones! I want to do the lace egg craft!

  5. Jennifer H says:

    The paper blossom flower eggs are my favorite! and I do plan to try them!!

    • Sharon says:

      Please let me know how they turn out, and share a photo on our Facebook page. I’d love to see what you make. Thank you, Jennifer. Happy crafting! Sharon

  6. Donna O'Neil says:

    I love these washi tape eggs. I might try these.

  7. Geri Johnson says:

    My favorites were the paint chip flower egg and the beautiful air dry clay covered eggs. The paint chip one because I could immediately see myself making it but trying scrap book papers and my new butterfly punches instead of the flowers. I have everything but the Styrofoam eggs on hand. If I get a chance to make them, I’ll let you know. The clay covered eggs because clay is not a medium that I have used much in the past but it has always intrigued me. And this version with the air dry clay instead of the kind you have to bake makes experimenting much easier & the results look so elegant! This idea would look great on a topiary tree – maybe in a pretty tea cup – hmmm might have to try that for Mother’s Day. 🙂

  8. Sar Tann says:

    Oh and if anyone wants to make the eggs with tissue try it with the tissue but also any left over printed napkins… They have so many patterns on them and these eggs come out AMAZINGLY beautiful. You can even use the same tech for holiday inspired balls to put in bowls or even x mas ornaments. One of my fav crafts. 🙂

  9. Sar Tann says:

    My favorite is the tissue eggs. I have made them before and love them!. I’ am going to make the button and glittered eggs. And when I get the supplies I was to try the felted ones. I see so many cool thing’s that are felted I need to try it. I’m just afraid of stabbing my fingers up. lolol I’ve seen some needles with the guards on them tough so I will be getting those. Oh and I’ve also made the eggs you have with feathers and seeds… Only I did it with balls. Found them on the styro site years ago and just LOVED them as pretty much every thing you have nature inspired on this site. 🙂 Wish this company would put a hard cover book of projects though, I would be thrilled. Great ideas and products. 🙂

  10. Mary Lou says:

    I like the spa eggs done with the model magic clay. I will make at least one of these in mini size to use as a light pull on my ceiling fan light in the kitchen.

  11. annehaun says:

    My favorite is the vintage egg collection and yes, I am making these. In fact, I have a good start already! Thanks for all these ideas – it was really an enjoyable series.

  12. ambjer s. says:

    my favorites were the yarn wrapped eggs and the eggs using children’s tights.
    i want to make the yarn wrapped ones, i have lots of stash yarn i could use!

    p.s.- love washi tape and all the projects i’ve been seeing. i recently bought my first few rolls of it; my first project with it i made washi tape magnets

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