It’s Easter Eggstravaganza Week: Easter egg crafts galore (& a set of vintage, mixed media eggs you can craft)

Here’s what I’ve hatched for this coming week – an Easter Eggstravaganza. Every day this week, I’ll share a new Easter egg craft idea. We’ll decorate Easter eggs with paper, yarn, clay, ribbon, Washi tape, and who knows what else. Whatever your favorite medium, I’ll have an Easter egg craft for you. Sound like fun? Then don’t miss a day this week so you don’t miss out on two dozen different Easter egg designs. (Read on to learn about our Most Eggsellent Prize Package, too.)

Let’s kick off our Easter Eggstravaganza with designer Rebekah Meier’s Vintage, Mixed Media Egg Collection. Each egg has a different finish, and the textures are yummy when displayed all together. Make all five, or decorate your eggs with your favorite medium – glitter, buttons, beads, lace and wool roving.

Vintage Easter egg craft ideas

Make this sweet display using five different finishes.

To make Rebekah’s Vintage, Mixed Media Egg Collection, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: five, 2” eggs; scrap piece
  • Spackle, 1 small container
  • Natural wool roving:  1 oz.
  • Acrylic craft paint: cream
  • Glitter: Diamond Dust and fine silver
  • Beads: 6mm pearl beads
  • Lace: cream, ¼” wide
  • Buttons:  cream assortment, ¼”
  • Clear craft glue
  • Mod Podge, matte finish
  • Tools needed: Scissors; needle felting needle; 1” foam paintbrush; wood skewers; glitter pan or box lid; fine sanding block; rag; rubber gloves
how to make beaded, glittered & felted eggs

Rebekah's beaded, glittered and felted eggs.

To make Rebekah’s Vintage, Mixed Media Egg Collection:

Glittered Egg:

1. Insert bamboo skewer into egg.  Using foam brush, apply one even coat of Mod Podge, making sure egg is completely covered.

2. While egg is still wet, apply Diamond Dust glitter.  Shake off excess into a pan or dish.  Repeat using silver glitter.  Let dry completely.

Needle Felted Egg:

(Note: Needle felting is a quick and easy technique.  You’ll use an extremely sharp, barbed needle, so use care when felting. The higher the needle number, the finer the needle and the smaller the holes you’ll make.)

1. Place small amount of wool roving on the egg, and “punch” into the foam egg with the felting needle. The barbed needle will lock the fibers into place, and no glue is needed. Continue felting till wool roving is secure. Repeat, working on small areas till egg is completely covered.

how to make a button egg

Close-up view of Button and Lace Eggs.

Button Egg, Beaded Egg & Lace Egg:

1. Insert wood skewer into the end of each egg. Using gloved hands, apply a thin, even layer of spackle on the eggs. Insert wood skewers into a scrap of foam while spackle dries.

2. Gently sand with a sanding block. Wipe clean.

3. Paint eggs cream.  Let dry.

4. For the button egg, glue and pin buttons to egg.

5. For the beaded egg, glue beads onto egg.

6. For the lace egg, using Mod Podge, apply lace to egg, overlapping pieces, until completely covered.

springtime giveaway

You could win this beautiful, springtime centerpiece designed by Diane Flowers.

I hope you’ll come back every day this week to see what’s new in our Easter Eggstravaganza, especially because you could win our Most Eggsellent Prize Package. Each day, I’ll ask a question and visitors who leave a comment will be entered to win our prize package. Each comment you leave is one more chance to win!

For additional entries, “Like” us on Facebook. Or if you’re already one of our Facebook fans, share your Easter craft photos on our Facebook page. Each new Facebook “Like” and each new Easter craft photo shared on our Facebook page will count as additional entries.

The giveaway ends on Sunday, April 1, at midnight, and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, April 3. Good luck!

The Most Eggsellent Prize Package includes:

  • One dozen eggs of STYROFOAM Brand Foam
  • A beautiful springtime centerpiece (pictured above)
  • Craft apron
  • Starbucks VIA coffee packets (this is Crafts ‘n Coffee, after all!)

Here’s what I want to know today: Which one of Rebekah’s vintage eggs is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping in today! Till tomorrow . . .

4/3/12 giveaway update:

  • Geri Johnson is the winner of our Most Eggsellent Prize Package.
  • Surprise giveaways: I had so much fun reading all of your comments last week, and I also want to welcome our many new Facebook fans, so I drew two more names: Karen Pelphrey Turner and Anne Haun. Karen & Anne each win a craft apron and a 3-pack of Via coffee.

Please contact me, Geri, Karen and Anne, so I can arrange to send out your packages. (If I don’t hear from you in the next 72 hours, I will have to pick a new name.)

NOTE: This giveaway is now closed.

Happy crafting!


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43 Responses to It’s Easter Eggstravaganza Week: Easter egg crafts galore (& a set of vintage, mixed media eggs you can craft)

  1. leona says:

    Just beautiful!!…..

  2. Valerie Buxbaum says:

    Love the eggs! I have made one, use gold thumb tacks! Now i have a golden egg!!

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  4. OMG!! Not sure how I missed this lovely collection of eggs!! My favorite is the beaded egg! LOVELY! I think this would look incredible with colored beads making a pattern. Could do it in shades of browns for an aged looking egg, primary colors for a festive looking egg or pastel colors for a softer more girly egg. OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just had a thought! This would be awesome for a new baby’s 1st Easter. Could do it in pastel colors and maybe make a pattern of the baby’s birth date or name. I have a friend who is due before Easter and I am going to attempt this idea!!!! So glad I found this particular post!!
    LOVE Diane’s beautiful Springtime centerpiece in the prize package!!! It would look amazing on my dining room table!! Thanks for the chance to win these goodies!!!

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  6. Alice says:

    I just found your site while looking for Easter egg ideas. I have signed up for email notification of new posts. Thanks for sharing this as I found it most helpful for my needs. Although I’m a year late in seeing it. Not only are your eggs stunning, the centerpiece is as well.

  7. Kathleen says:

    I love ALL the eggs . . . it’s hard to choose any one in particular . . . I want to make every one of them.

  8. Sharon says:

    Can’t wait to make them all. First the pearl one. Thanks for presenting them.

  9. Violet says:

    So beautiful.

  10. Peach Lee says:

    The Pear Egg really stand out like the Goose who laid the Golden Egg! ♥ xOx Peach

  11. Sar Tann says:

    I once made a pin from a wood finding and buttons. The button egg reminds me so much of that, Very pretty. I also love the glitter and pearl eggs. These are all so nice.

  12. Melle Eldridge says:

    My favorites are definitely the glittered egg and the wool felted egg. I am terrible at felting but I lovelovelove the look of items that have been felted! So soft and snuggly looking! And what could be more girlie girl that a bowl full of glittered eggs! I love that it’s girlie and glamorous while the simple white keeps it classic and not too easter-y! It can be kept.up all.spring instead of just thebtwo weeks between St pats and Easter Sunday!

  13. Denise Royal says:

    I have made several eggs over the years, usually crochet, so I would probably add them to the collection that is scattered throughout the house in various baskets. I want to try the button and the mosaic ones.

  14. Birgit says:

    I really like the elegant style of these eggs — neutral, peaceful tones. Just great!

  15. I like you on facebook.

  16. The beaded one for sure.

  17. I absolutely am in LOVE with the beautiful white button egg! I am a quilter, and I use buttons all the time to embellish my quilts. I have a pretty good button collection now, but it is dwindling.
    Love anything vintage, so this little egg is right on my list.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Sharon says:

      So glad you stopped in to share, Nettie. There is something almost mesmerizing about a pile of buttons, isn’t there? So glad you’re using yours, and not keeping them stashed away. Happy crafting! Sharon

  18. Ellen M. says:

    I like you on Facebook!

  19. Ellen M. says:

    I like the button egg. These vintage eggs are beautiful, and I’m excited because I have most of the supplies to make them. Thanks for the tutorials and the chance to win!

    • Sharon says:

      So glad we inspired you, Ellen! I hope you’ll share the eggs you make on our Facebook page @StyroCrafts. I’d love to see them. Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  20. Geri Johnson says:

    I also like the button egg and the lace one … wouldn’t it be cute to make one and use the pearls, the buttons and the lace in stripes? I might have to try that …

    • Sharon says:

      I like that idea, too — mix-it-up mixed media! If you give it a whirl, I hope you’ll share your project photo. Happy crafting, Geri! Sharon

  21. Geri Johnson says:

    I think the pearl beads are my favorite – i think I’d like to make it … I might add a tiny rose and some skinny ribbon & bow …

  22. ambjer s. says:

    my favorite is the lace egg! i have LOTS of lace stashed–some from my mother and i also got a large bag full at a rummage sale last year! this would be a cute project to use some of it.
    the button one is also adorable.

  23. Faith K says:

    The beaded one is definitely my favorite! How can you go wrong with pearls? 🙂

  24. Cookie17 says:

    YUh ,Yuh,What if you like them all,lol, If I have choose I it’s the —-felted egg.Golly Gee,,,,Ok that’s it Felted one they all look nice but I would buy Felted Thank’s,

  25. blogbyflogs says:

    I like the felted egg. I love it’s texture, which is so opposite what a real egg is!

  26. Sharon says:

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, ladies! I’m so glad you all are enjoying Rebekah’s collection of vintage, mixed media Easter eggs. Thank you for participating in our Easter Eggstravaganza Week, too! See you tomorrow! Sharon

  27. Donna O'Neil says:

    I like you on Face Book

  28. Lisa M says:

    Those are all great. The diamond dust with the silver is my favorite. What fun.

  29. Donna O'Neil says:

    I love the glittered egg.

  30. annehaun says:

    I love the glittered egg – so pretty and so easy to do.

  31. Jennifer H says:

    I like you on FB!

  32. Jennifer H says:

    The beaded egg is my favorite!!

  33. I love the lace egg! It is beautiful!

  34. Kathy H says:

    My favorite egg is the button egg. I love to collect buttons and have jars full of them. I think I’m going to head on out to my craft room later today and make a few. Have a blessed day, Kathy.

  35. Mary Lou says:

    I love the beaded egg the most, I could see it in pink pearls

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