DIY seven simple spring centerpiece designs

Happy spring! It’s officially spring, and we’re celebrating today with seven super, simple & stylish springtime flower arrangements (how’s that for a little alliteration?) Several of these might make beautiful DIY wedding flower arrangements, too. Let’s start with a tutorial for making your own Blooming Moss Balls, sparkling with silver cord and colorful blossoms. (And for a different take on springtime flowers, page on down to see what we were doing around this time last year . . . )

how to make moss covered balls

These moss spheres are studded with flowers for a springtime touch.

To make a Blooming Moss Ball, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 4” ball
  • Preserved sheet moss
  • Small silk flowers
  • Elastic cord, silver
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Straight pins; table knife; wire cutters or knippers
how to make moss balls

The silver beading cord adds a little sparkle.

To make a Blooming Moss Ball:

1. Spread glue on a small section of the 4” ball, and press sheet moss onto the glue. Use straight pins to secure the moss while the glue dries. Repeat, covering the ball section by section, till it’s completely covered.

2. Using knippers or wire cutters, cut silk flowers from the stems, leaving a 1” stem.

3. Squeeze a dot of glue on moss, and push the stem through the glue and into the foam ball. Continue adding flowers till you’re happy with how it looks. Let the glue dry.

4. Knot one end of silver cord on a straight pin; add a dab of glue and insert the pin into the foam ball. Cover the head of the pin with glue and moss. Wrap the cord around the ball in different directions, pinning in place where it starts to slip. When finished, tie cord around a straight pin, add glue, and insert into foam ball.

5. Let glue dry, and then remove extra straight pins.

Here are a few more springtime centerpieces to inspire you. Use your favorite scrapbook papers and colorful buttons to craft these Bright Paper & Gerbera Daisy Cones by Debra Quartermain. Wouldn’t these be cheerful lined up on your mantle or window sill, or how about using them to decorate the head table at a wedding reception?

easy gerbera daisy spring centerpiece

You could cover the foam cones in fabric instead of scrapbook paper.

Here’s another take on gerbera daisies and scrapbook paper – the Hipster Gerbera Daisy Cubes by Diane Flowers. The bright pink, black & white color scheme is really striking, but you can easily change this up to use your favorite colors.

DIY gerbera daisy wedding flowers

The green moss and bright pink flowers say “it’s spring”!

Diane Flowers also made our Pink Tulips Centerpiece. The “container” is really a foam block covered in ribbon, and you can make it any length you wish. Better yet, it’s narrow enough to perch just about anywhere. (And yes, Diane’s last name really is “Flowers”!)

spring tulips flower arrangement

Colorful ribbons hide the foam block, and the foam block holds the flower stems snug and secure.

Here’s my take on Diane’s design. My Tulips & Moss Container looks like a hammered metal container but it’s really paper. I love how it looks and I love that it took less than an hour to make it.

make a spring flower arrangement

You can easily change up Diane’s Pink Tulips Centerpiece to suit your own decor. Here, I gave it a more contemporary spin.

Check out the sweet, sherbet colors Diane used in the Raffia & Daisies Arrangement. She started with a foam ball, which she covered in tissue paper and raffia.

spring centerpiece ideas

How about this bouquet for a Mother’s Day gift?

And here’s one more from Diane. Diane added lots of details to the Coneflowers & Bird’s Nest Centerpiece, from the little bird’s nest to the corrugated paper on the foam cube.

make a spring centerpiece

This centerpiece reminds me of a summer meadow.

About this time last year, here’s what we were up to . . . And this year, my grass is already green and the daffodils and forsythia are blooming. What a difference a year makes! How’s the weather where you are?

Flowerful snowmen

This year, our daffodils are already blooming. Last year, the only spring flowers we had were decorating our snowmen!

See you Friday with another steampunk style project and a giveaway . . .

Happy springtime crafting!


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  4. Belinda Hill says:

    So many beautiful arrangements! The snowmen look refreshing in this hot, hot summer

  5. Violet says:

    Every one of them are beautiful!

  6. Ellen H says:

    I really like the Hipster Gerbera Daisy Cubes! I think the pop of color is the best part!

  7. Cookie17 says:

    I love this lady’s work So simple;;Thank’s

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