Right on trend: Make our Needlefelted Woodland Critters

One of my favorite, 2012 CHA Show trends is woodland trend and “woodland critters,” and I noticed that several of you are fans of this trend too. Who can resist a collection of sweet, doe-eyed, needlfelted woodland animals? For your weekend crafting inspiration, I thought I’d share several woodland themed craft ideas (and a touch of magic, too). To keep it easy, tutorials for all of the projects are on StyrofoamCrafts.com.

Sweet and felted woodland animals. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Can you choose just one from this woodland menagerie?

How sweet are these Needlefelted Woodland Critters by Rebekah Meier? If you’ve not tried needlefelting, Rebekah’s technique makes it fast and easy. To make the bodies, Rebekah felts the wool roving onto a shape of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. She finds that this technique is faster and uses less wool roving. I’m not sure I could make just one of these furry friends.

How to make a fairy house

This could be a fun group craft for a scout troop. The girls can hike through the woods to collect materials, and then make their own Fairy House.

In the dark recesses of the forest, there may be inhabitants of a more magical sort. Our magical Fairy House will be right at home in a forest nook, and it’s made from materials you can gather on a walk through the woods. The roof is made with pinecone “shingles” and the walls covered in moss. Dried flowers frame the house, and small pebbles form a walkway to the front door. It’s not just the wee ones who will enjoy making this Fairy House!

If you’d like to make your own magical sprites, check out the Woodland Flower Fairies. Dressed in colorful silk flowers, these fairies make me think “spring”, and would be pretty hanging here and there in the house. Or, place a foam ball in a flower pot, insert a tree branch, and then hang a collection of Flower Fairies from the branch.

how to make flower fairies

Celebrate spring with a collection of Woodland Flower Fairies.

Have you tried decorating with the help of Mother Nature? We have a couple of ideas to help bring the woodlands theme into your home, including our Twig Cube, Birch Bark Cube and Woodlands Birch Bark Cone.

Decorating with natural materials

You can collect twigs to make this Twig Display Cube right in your backyard.

Birch bark home decor and birch bark topiary tutorial

Don’t you love the texture on this birch bark? Please use birch bark you find on the ground, or order from an online source. Please do not peel it off a living tree.

What are you crafting this weekend? Do share!

Happy crafting!


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2 Responses to Right on trend: Make our Needlefelted Woodland Critters

  1. Katiria says:

    this weekend I was actually helping my son with a report about honesty, and helping him study for FCAT tests. no fun -just work 😦

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