Roses are red, get out the glue, here’s a Valentine’s Day craft for you

I’d like to play cupid today and introduce you to our first Valentine’s Day craft – a luscious, rose-covered heart. Roses and hearts are favorite symbols of Valentine’s Day (and chocolate, of course), and designer Diane Flowers combined them both when she made her rose-covered hearts. It’s an easy craft for Valentine’s Day, so make two – one for you and one for someone special.

Make a red rose heart

This heart would make a warm welcome on your front door.

Diane shares several versions of this sweet heart, and her first Red Rose Heart was made with a 6” heart of STYROFOAM brand foam. Diane used several dozen silk roses to cover the front, side and back of her heart. Now, that many silk roses can get expensive, so here are a few money saving hints:

  • Red Rose CraftsDiane covered the front and back of her heart, but if you’re hanging this where no one sees the back, just cover the front.
  • If you paint your heart red, you can probably use fewer roses as any exposed foam won’t be as visible.
  • You’ll find silk roses at your local dollar store or other discount chain, so shop around for a deal.

Next, Diane trimmed her rose stems to about 2”.  Trim them a little longer than you think you’ll need; you can always trim more but you can’t add more. Then, starting in the center, insert the roses into the foam heart till it’s covered and you like the arrangement. Once you’re done, if you’d like a little more “hold,” remove the stems, add a dab of glue in each hole, and reinsert the stems. Add a ribbon and hang this heart on a door, in a window, on a knob, just about anywhere. For step-by-step instructions, visit

Framed Heart

Hang your heart from an empty frame for more impact.

Look what Diane did next – she framed her Valentine’s Day Red Rose Heart in an empty frame. When framed, the rose-covered heart has more impact, and will look beautiful on a wall. You’ll want to start with a heart that is several inches smaller than the frame. Here’s what Diane used:

  • 10” x 13” frame
  • 8” heart of STYROFOAM Brand Foam
  • 15 medium size roses

Diane could not find an 8” heart in the store, so savvy designer that she is, she cut her own from a 1” sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. She drew her heart on the foam sheet, waxed a serrated knife with an old candle (a bar of soap will work, too), and then cut out her heart (yikes, that sounds gruesome!).

Diane’s next version is perfect for gift giving. Diane created sweet and sentimental tags for each heart using vintage papers and embellishments.

Add a tag

Add a tag and your rose heart becomes a Valentine's Day card.

I love the combination of red and pink roses. Imagine rose hearts made with white or cream flowers for a wedding. They would be beautiful hanging from the pews, or from the backs of the bride’s and groom’s chairs at the wedding reception. The bride and bridesmaids could even carry these as their bouquets.

Valentine's Day Hearts

Wouldn't these be pretty made with white, cream or even soft yellow roses?

And while we’re talking about love, I loved the many comments you all left about your New Year’s resolutions. I am so inspired by your enthusiasm for a fresh start and your creative goals and energy. It’s going to be a good year! And Szabina L. will definitely start it off right because she won the book Steampunk Chic! Congratulations, Szabina, and please contact me with your mailing address.

Now that I know that many of you follow steampunk, we’ll be sure to schedule another steampunk project and book giveaway later this year.

Speaking of giveaways, we still have a Solar System kit giveaway going on through Thursday, January 12.

Happy crafting!


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11 Responses to Roses are red, get out the glue, here’s a Valentine’s Day craft for you

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  2. Karen Whitney says:

    Love this….I think I will do this as a ball instead of a heart! I need to make some new Valentine decorations for the house….. And that tag is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. ColleenB. says:

    WOW, how gorgeous.
    Can imagine how pretty this would be, done in baby colors with small stuffed animal in the middle and used at a baby shower decoration.
    Lots of possibilities with this project

  4. Sharon Field says:

    The heart is beautiful, the TAG is astounding, gorgeous and magnificent!! Love this post and project!

  5. Ellen Beeton says:

    Oh my gosh, this is fabulous. It’s beautiful and it seems really easy to make – not terribly expensive either if you use your ideas. I will definitely be making this soon. I’m gong to hang it on my front door.

  6. Diane says:

    Thank you for sharing my designs today! I love working with STYROFOAM*
    It is so forgiving and easy to shape into whatever I need. I am making some burlap covered bulletin board squares for my studio. Will let you know how they turn out later.

  7. Birgit says:

    What a great idea — the heart looks lovely!

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