Out-of-this-world kid’s craft: How to make a Solar System model

Is there a school science fair in your future? Or maybe it’s January, Christmas is so two weeks ago, and the kids are B.O.R.E.D? If you’re living with a pack of space cadets, here’s how you can make your own Solar System model. And to start the New Year right, I’m giving away two Solar System kits. (Yes, it’s only January 6th and this is our second giveaway of the year! There’s still time to enter the first one.)

(**Please note that the giveaway is over.)

make a solar system

Follow the guidelines on StyrofoamCrafts.com to make your Solar System as accurate as possible.

The step-by-step instructions for making a Solar System are on StyrofoamCrafts.com, and we’ve included a chart so you can make it as scientifically accurate as possible. (Now, as one who had a Purple Planet Eater themed birthday party when I was little, I’m not so sure that you have to be perfectly and scientifically accurate. If you want to make this your own little world, go ahead and do so. Make your own galaxy the way you want to see it!)

How to make a poster of the Solar Sytem -- complete tutorial for school projects.

Make a Solar System poster for your next science fair or class assignment.

If you prefer making your Solar System model as a poster, here are the instructions for a Solar System Poster.

how to make a martain

Once you’ve made your Solar System, make a few Martians to populate it.

One more idea for you – how about a few aliens to inhabit those planets? StyrofoamCrafts.com has instructions for these Little Green Men, too. You can use your leftover paints and other found objects in your stash to pull these together.

Solar system kit

I’m giving away two of our prepainted Solar System kits, which you can use to make the model Solar System pictured on the right.

I am giving away two of our Solar System kits today. These complete kits have everything you need to make your own model Solar System. If you’d like to win, leave a comment below and tell me who in your family would love to make a Solar System. I’ll announce today’s winner next Friday the 13th (yikes!). So, the cut-off for entering is end of day Thursday, January 12th.

I also want to announce the winners of our last giveaway from 2011. We partnered with Quayside Publishing & Quarry Books to give away two beautiful craft books and a collection of shapes of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Denise R. of Wicked Crochet won the book Mixed-Media Doll Making: Redefining the Doll with Upcycled Materials on Quayside’s blog Craftside. The winner of The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts giveaway on Crafts ‘n Coffee is Karen Whitney. Congratulations! Please contact me, Karen, with your mailing address.


Happy crafting!


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34 Responses to Out-of-this-world kid’s craft: How to make a Solar System model

  1. Laurie getty says:

    I want to make my grandson for his birthday a wall plaque of the solar system he is very interested in science he is 6 years old

  2. Karleen Zehr says:

    I would like to make the solar system myself to use at our church Bible School this summer

  3. Freda Nieves says:

    My 1st grader has a science project and he choice the Solar System, however the teacher wants him to Ask a question, Give a hypothesis, test out his theory and report the results….. I’m stuck because I’m not sure what would be a good question that he could test out… Please someone help I’m stuck and never was any good as Science!

  4. bushra Ashraf says:

    really great model. My 6 year old son saw this and would really love to make a solar system model. he is studying the solar system at school and this would really help him visualise it…Hope we win a kit!!!!

  5. Jaya Kumar says:

    I would like to have the solar system kit for my little daughter aged10

  6. Kavitha says:

    Please let me known where do I get this solar system kit.i need this to my daughter,s project .

    • Sharon says:

      You can find the Solar System in WalMart, Michaels, Jo-Ann Stores and Hobby Lobby. It’s also available online. Thanks for stopping in! Sharon

  7. Shantel A. says:

    I would like to do other solar system projects but I just can’t
    Find any

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for visiting, Shantel. If you search this site for Solar Systems, you’ll find several other ways to make a Solar System.

  8. Gabby Glassman says:

    Thx for helping me out. I’m in 3rd grade and my class is doing a project on the solar system. I hope I get an A

  9. sauda liya says:

    Hi there,
    What a great website, it is so helpful! I am glad I came across it because my four year old is so excited about her solar system project. She is so fascinated with the solar system and can’t wait to make a mobile for her project which later on will become part of her room decor. We could really use your help. Thank you so very much.


  10. Rosalind Williams says:

    Hi, My grandson has a solar system project and everyone seems to like the poster board idea. He wants to do the mobil Styrofoam ball one. Help….

    • Sharon says:

      You’ve come to the right place. Click on the photo and you’ll go right to the tutorial for making the Solar System Mobile. Thanks for stopping in today. Sharon

  11. meena says:

    My daughter is studying in class one.project has tobe done on topic saturn planet what material shal i use?

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for stopping in, Meena. I recommend a ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, like those used in this Solar System. Good luck with the project. Sharon

  12. rakshanda rahman says:

    I am making a project for my little brother…can someone suggest what materials I should use??

  13. Cathy says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you for posting this. I was wondering what is the size of the Solar System poster board?

    • Sharon says:

      Cathy, Unfortunately, I am not sure. I do not have the specifics on the size of the poster board. If you make it to scale, your calculations will probably dictate the size it should be. So sorry! Sharon

  14. sam bass says:

    I am a boy in 8th grade and my project coumts as 2 test grades which will determine whether i get on the basketball team

  15. Andy says:

    Please please help me…. I am an L.S.A ( teachers support staff) and we are starting this new terms topic. Help me teach 500 children by choosing me to assist me in helping the children in primary school to learn about our solar system. We are starting it tomorrow! Xxxxx

  16. Alyssa says:

    I am a girl in forth grade and now i have got a great idea for my project


  17. Ridwan M Rahman says:

    I am a student of ITHS. Ur project that I like very much.

  18. Carol Ebbers says:

    Grandson and I are always looking for fun things to do together. I’m sure he would love to have a solar system hanging in his room.

  19. Katiria says:

    I remember making this project when I was in grade school. My grandfather helped me paint the planets. I did the same project with my son when he was little. This is such a fun project.

  20. My daughter would love the solar system!

  21. Talmage Dunn says:

    My grandson would love to make a model of the solar system! He would and does love to make cxrafts!!

  22. Lisa Malachinski says:

    What fun projects. My little girl got part of the one of these kits and made snowflakes out of it.
    The little green men are super cute. Great products and fun ideas.

    Congrats to all the winners.

  23. Karen Whitney says:

    Oh, I bought one of my boys a solar system kit when he was younger and so interested in the planets….I think he was in 2nd grade….he is now a Junior in high school!!! It was fun painting it and putting it all together….and thanks for the win…looking forward to receiving my prize! 🙂

  24. wilma dow says:

    Congrats to Denise R and Karen W for participating and winning ! What a way to go.. you learn something, do something.. and WIN something. SWEET.

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