It’s o.k. to play with your food to make these topiaries

I confess – I’m a little a lot behind this year. Tree? It’s purchased, but it’s not yet up and decorated . . . Cookies? Dough is made, but they’re not yet baked . . . Presents? Purchased, but not yet wrapped . . . So today we have fun, last-minute ideas that dress up your holiday entertaining and don’t take a lot of time. Chances are that fruits & veggies are on the menu already, so why not spruce them up. And a Candy Topiary? Yes, please!

Because mom always said that you have to eat dinner before you get dessert, we’ll start with the fruits & veggies. Prajakta (or PJ) from the blog Ginger & Garlic shares a tutorial for this mouthwatering Fruit Topiary Tree. The brilliant mix of strawberries and kiwi are beautiful, and PJ added whimsical melon slices cut out with mini cookie cutters. Isn’t this a fun way to get the kids to eat more fruit?

how to make a fruit topiary

This colorful & edible topiary is topped with a melon star.

Next course – veggies. Katrina from Wanna Green Bean shows how to “spruce” up your holiday table with a Veggie Topiary. There are more cute little cut-outs, too, as Katrina added a little cheese menagerie made with cheese slices & cookie cutters.

how to make a veggie topiary

Doesn't this Veggie Topiary look like a mini Christmas tree?

And the finale – the Candy Topiaries. Over the next few days, you can keep the kids busy for an hour or maybe even longer as they craft confectionary masterpieces. And how fun that their work can then double as a centerpiece. Better Homes & Gardens shares these Minty Peppermint Trees and offers a video tutorial to help you make them. 

how to make a candy topiary

Better Homes & Gardens shares a video tutorial for making these candy topiaries.

Martha Stewart made Peppermint Candy Topiaries too, and while she displays them in a wedding vignette, these would be beautiful front & center in your Christmas buffet.

Christmas candy topiaries

What a beautiful spread for a Christmas wedding. The Peppermint Topiaries would be pretty for any holiday occasion.

Here are a few more ideas made with candy, cookies and gum balls. These are all found on, and the links to the instructions are listed below.

how to make candy topiaries

It's a mouthwatering assortment!

For the project instructions, left to right:

Flowerful Fruit Roll-Up Topiary

Rainbow Mint Topiary

Veggie Topiary

Meringue Cookie Topiary

Colorful Gumball Topiary

Here’s another option – substitute a wreath ring for the cone and make a Gum Drop Wreath. (Sorry, no step-by-step instructions for this one, but you can follow any of the project instructions above and make substitutions.)

make a gumdrop wreath

Use a wreath ring instead of a cone to make a Gumdrop Wreath.

I have a little crafting retrospective planned for Friday, so I’ll see you then. In the meantime, good luck with your preparations and have a little fun in the kitchen, too.

Happy Christmas crafting!


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2 Responses to It’s o.k. to play with your food to make these topiaries

  1. Lisa Malachinski says:

    Oh my! I think I just gained 20 lbs looking at those trees. Wonderful ideas.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful inspiration.


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