Deck your halls in minutes with DIY holiday wall art

In a lot less time than it takes Santa to deliver his sack of toys, you can make and hang new wall art with time leftover to throw a holiday party. In fact, your DIY wall art might be done & hanging on the wall before Santa has the sleigh loaded and the team hitched up.

Remember the DIY scrapbook paper wall art feature from earlier this year? It’s super-fast, super cheap, and looks fabulous. Here’s what else is really great – you can easily change it up and make it new with seasonal scrapbook papers. By re-covering your old wall art, you can make new wall art for Christmas, for the changing seasons, or just because you’re tired of what you have.

Here’s our before, every day dining room wall art:

DIY wall art

Every Day Dining Wall Art

And, in less than an hour, here’s how we changed it up and made it merry for the holidays:

DIY wall art

Holiday Dining Wall Art

How much fun is that? Again, we went from this:

make your own wall art

Every Day Dining Wall Art

To this:

make your own wall art

Holiday Dining Wall Art

If you’d like to see just how to make the wall art, watch our video Scrapbook Home Decor.

Below we’ve linked to the step-by-step instructions on

Every Day Dining Wall Art

Holiday Dining Wall Art

We have tutorials for the centerpieces, too:

Centerpiece Floral Spheres

Holiday Centerpiece Trees

For more home decorating ideas, download our three free, Great Décor in a Flash – Without a lot of Cash e-books.

Make your own wall art booklets

Download these three, idea-packed home decor booklets.

And speaking of inspiration, don’t miss our Christmas Ornament Extravaganza and your chance to win one of two prize packages this week.

Happy Christmas crafting!


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6 Responses to Deck your halls in minutes with DIY holiday wall art

  1. These are stunning and so easy! Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  2. eileenhull says:

    Wow- that is such a dramatic change just using a few sheets of paper! Cool idea.

  3. maez4 says:

    Can you tell me where you bought the YES glue? I cannot find it here. Do you know if another type of glue would work just as well? LOVE this project!

    • Sharon says:

      I have purchased the Yes! Paste at Michaels Stores; it’s sold in a small bucket in the adhesives aisle. Jo-Ann Stores might carry it, too. You can also use a thick, white craft glue or a spray adhesive that is safe for STYROFOAM Brand Foam. If you use a spray adhesive, read the label carefully to be sure it will not melt the foam. If you use a white craft glue, use it sparingly. At first, the paper might look wavy due to the moisture in the glue, but then it should flatten out as the glue dries. Good luck with your wall art! Sharon

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