Christmas crafts for kids: Top 10 ornaments kids can make

I think every mom has a box of ornaments carefully crafted by little hands, ornaments that are prominently displayed on the tree long after the little artists have grown up and left home. Today, we’re sharing 10 ideas for easy Christmas ornaments that kids can make. If you’re looking for a fun Christmas craft to make with your little ones, be sure to check out this collection of ornaments for children. The supplies are not expensive, and you might have most on hand, like yarn, ribbon, fabric, drinking straws, and magazines.

Really cute collection of Christmas ornament tutorials for easy crafts the kids can really make. Supplies are cheap & easy to find, too.

You might also want to check out our suggestions for crafting with kids. And then, get ready for some fun! We’ll start with a favorite technique for making ornaments with fabric scraps, the Punched Fabric Ornament. Our ornament uses a punchy combo of pink and green, and of course, you could use more traditional Christmas colors, too (I think red & white would be really festive).

make fabric ornaments

Fluffy Punched Fabric Ornaments are a Christmas classic!

To make a Punched Fabric Ornament, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: Ball, size of your choice
  • Fabric scraps
  • White craft glue
  • Ribbon, ¼” x 8” length
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; pencil, wood skewer or knitting needle

To make a Punched Fabric Ornament:

1. Cut fabric into 1-1/2” squares.

2. Squeeze a drop of glue onto foam ball. Center fabric square on glue and position pencil in center of fabric square. Push pencil into foam ball, inserting fabric square. Continue gluing and inserting fabric squares into foam ball till it’s covered.

3. Tie ribbon into a hanging loop. Place dab of glue on ornament and insert ribbon into foam ball. Let glue dry.

Next up is the Magazine Collage Ornament.  Part of the fun is paging through magazines, collecting the pages you like.  Perhaps you’ll want to use certain colors, like we did, or certain motifs, like cats or candy.

make a magazine collage ornament

Kids recycle when they make a Magazine Collage Ornament.

To make a Magazine Collage Ornament, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: Ball, size of your choice; scrap block
  • Old magazines
  • White craft glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Ribbon, ¼” x 8” length
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wood skewer or chopstick; paint brush; paper plate

To make a Magazine Collage Ornament:

1. Page through magazines, tearing out favorite pages. Tear or cut pages into ¾” squares (approximately).

2. Insert wood skewer or chopstick into foam ball to use as handle. Squeeze small amount of glue onto paper plate. Using paintbrush, cover small area of ball with glue. Place paper square on glue, adhering edges with fingers. Repeat, overlapping paper squares, till ball is covered. Insert handle into foam scrap to hold ball upright till glue dries.

3. Cover dried foam ball with a coat of Mod Podge. Let dry.

4. Tie ribbon into a hanging loop. Place dab of glue on ornament and insert ribbon into foam ball. Let glue dry.

Below are eight more ornaments kids will love making today, and you’ll cherish tomorrow. Each photo links to the tutorial with a list of materials and the step-by-step instructions. Enjoy our collection of ornaments, and the time you spend crafting with the little people in your life. (And read on for our party invitation.)

how to make a snowman ornament

The Bundled Up Snowman uses no messy paint but is lightly dusted with sparkling glitter.

make foamie ornaments

Foamies come in a rainbow of colors and self-adhesive shapes, so our Mod Cube Ornaments are fun for all ages & all tastes.

make bottle cap ornaments

Don’t throw out the caps from your milk jugs — repurpose them to make the Milk Bottle Cap Ornaments.

make model magic ornaments

Model Magic from Crayola is an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean-up, air-dry clay. Pair it with small cookie cutters and it’s a great way to make colorful Christmas ornaments.

model magic ornaments

The Molded Christmas Ornaments don’t need to be fancy. Younger kids will have a blast simply mixing two colors together and then wrapping the marbled clay around the foam balls.

make a yarn wreath ornament

Yarn Wreath Ornaments would be a great gift for your favorite knitter. Use up whatever leftover yarn you have on hand, and experiment with different textures & colors.

make ribbon ornaments

Wrap leftover ribbons ’round a mini wreath ring to make these festive keepsakes.

make ornaments from drinking straws

These Sputnik-style ornaments are made with plastic drinking straws!

And now, our invitation: You are invited to the Christmas craft linky party hosted by Stephanie Lynn at Under The Table & Dreaming. Stephanie Lynn also hosted the inspiring series Handmade Holidays two weeks ago, and this week, she’s inviting everyone to post photos of their own handmade holiday decorations made with STYROFOAM Brand Foam. The party runs all week, and then we’ll select one of the party goers to win a $100 gift card to Michaels or Jo-Ann Stores. I hope you’ll come and show us what you made!

***Please Note: This Giveaway is Closed***

Thanks for coming by today, and I hope you’ll stop in tomorrow for the last installment in our Ornament Extravaganza (and a giveaway). Till then . . .

Happy Christmas crafting.


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25 Responses to Christmas crafts for kids: Top 10 ornaments kids can make

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  2. Shauntel says:

    Hello!!! Hey what did you use for the mini yarn wreaths? I’m sure it’s written somewhere and I’m totally missing it but I just wanted to use what you did because those are stinkin cute! We’re hoping to make them for my daughter’s economic fair for school! Thanks so much!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you for letting me know that the links were broken. I’m sorry about that! The ornament uses a small, 6″ wreath of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, and you can now click through for the complete tutorial. Thanks again, and happy crafting! Sharon

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  4. Helen Jean says:

    Love these crafts for kids, even me. My grandson is quite creative – he is 10. Before school was out – May 2015, he was given a half piece of pale yellow construction paper. What he did to this plane piece of construction paper was amazing – not because he was my grandson, but his ingenuity intrigued me. He did some absolutely beautiful things with paint. Told him, that since I was a quilter and loved fabric, to have his mother save it, as I know if he should ever go into textiles, it might be interesting. Or, I could try and copy it on material, or he could. Love this site, just found this evening. Know I should get to bed, HOWEVER, I am a retired high school educator and I can pretty much stay up all night if I care to do so. HA-HA

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 So glad you found us! It sounds like your grandson takes after his grandma — how great that you all create together. Thank you so much for stopping in. Sharon

  5. Sara Tann says:

    I really like the The Bundled Up Snowman. He would look fabulous in a display. 🙂

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  8. Noilin Dempsey says:

    I think these would be ideal for a girls night irrespective of age.

  9. Lisa Thompson says:

    love, love, love all these ideas, you may be just the bunch of crafty women I need – I am determined to make a nutcracker /.paper machetes year it was an idle thought til mostly because my dh said it couldn’t be done ;)now I’m on a mission! (paper doubled towel rolls for legs rectangle kleenex box feet, and so onsquare kleenex shoulders, any and all ideas appreciatedthanks much!

  10. hailey says:

    these r wack

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  12. Debra Cronin says:

    I have many tape rolls (the ones that come from the inside of tape despenser tape) Any idea on what to make with them? Thanks

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Debra, You might tie them together with pretty red ribbons and create a garland to hang on the tree. Or, make mini photo frame ornaments and glue a small photo to the reverse side and add a ribbon for hanging on the tree. I think they would be pretty plain, or covered in papers. Happy crafting! Sharon

  13. Katiria says:

    The wreaths are so pretty,I love them. I actually made the straw/sputnik looking ornaments a few years ago with my son, they are very easy and boys love them!

  14. Love this compilation! Great job! Just posted on Craft Gossip..

  15. Lisa Malachinski says:

    I so love the snowman. I can’t wait ’til next week then I can make some fun stuff.
    Thanks for all the inspirations!

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  17. Michelle says:

    The foamie ornaments would be great for kids!

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