Tissue paper Halloween crafts are fast, fun and inexpensive

Are your kids bouncing off the walls in anticipation of Halloween? Then channel that energy and excitement into a few easy and kid-friendly Halloween crafts. The ghosts, pumpkins, owls and other projects below all have one thing in common – tissue paper, a great go-to material for childrens’crafts. Tissue paper is easy to use, sold almost everywhere, and inexpensive (if you mess up, it’s no big deal). Add in scissors and a little white glue or Mod Podge and you’re good to go.

This quick-to-make PomPom Ghost from the blog Little Sprout Creations first caught my eye.

Easy Halloween ghost craft for kids

Spirited, Tissue Pom Ghost is an easy Halloween project for kids.

Here are a few more of the easy tissue paper crafts I found online, and each photo links to the project instructions. As a bonus for those who are planning ahead, I’ve also included our Color Art Photo Frames, a great holiday gift idea kids can make. (Are you already planning your holiday crafts?)

Easy owl crafts

Whoooo made these? Little Sprout Creations, that's who, and they offer a tutorial for making these sweet little owls, and several other critters, too.

Make pumpkin crafts

Halloween is full of surprises, and so are these mini pumpkins. Nikki Meiners at 365 Days of Crafts shows how to create a mini pumpkin box that can hold sweet surprises.

Halloween crafts for kids.

Kids "punch" squares of tissue paper into foam cones to make these colorful Tissue Paper Candy Corn. Change out the colors to red and green and you can make Christmas trees instead.

Easy Halloween crafts

This Pile 'o Pumpkins is packed with personality. Encourage kids to make creative jack-'o-lantern faces on their pumpkins.

Kid's craft: make a picture frame

Tissue paper creates a beautiful, stained glass effect on these Color Art Photo Frames. As a bonus, when making frames with STYROFOAM brand foam, you can make your frame any size and shape you want.

We’re still in the midst of Halloween at our house and last night, my daughter made her Halloween costume. What are you making this week? Are you still madly crafting for Halloween, or have you moved on to the holidays?

Happy crafting!


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5 Responses to Tissue paper Halloween crafts are fast, fun and inexpensive

  1. judy jones says:

    thanks for the tissue owls… my niece loves owls and this is something I haven’t seen before…:)

  2. Katiria says:

    I’m still crafting for Halloween I hate it when stores push out the Halloween decorations and turn it into 5 isles of Christmas decorations when its just Oct 23rd! ! It’s ridiculous. I have to end up making my own and not buying it because its just not what I want. But thanks to your site you have given me great ideas.

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Sharon! Thanks for sharing the Tissue Paper Candy Corn again =)

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