Kids love this Creepy, Crawly Halloween Wreath; You’ll love the Dollar Store price tag!

It’s creepy, it’s crawly, a little kitschy, and a lot of fun! This kid-approved Halloween wreath rated a “that’s so cool, mom” from my 12-year old. My rating? It’s a mom-approved, super-cheap and super-easy Halloween craft. Around this time of year, I always check out the local Dollar Store to see what’s new for our Halloween décor. This year, the colorful bags of bugs, right next to the Creepy Cloth, caught my eye. Less than an hour later, our Creepy Crawlie Halloween Wreath emerged.

It's creepy, crawlie and a wreath kids will love. I love that most of the supplies are from the dollar store.

An hour and a few dollars later and you’ll be hanging up your own Creepy Crawlie Halloween Wreath.

You’ll definitely want to have the kids work on this one with you. Please be sure they’re using a thick, white craft glue and not a glue gun, however.

To make a Creepy, Crawly Halloween Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 12” wreath
  • Creepy Cloth, 1 package (what a perfect name)
  • Plastic critters, 2-3 packages, depending on the colors & assortment you prefer
  • Wiggle eyes, 1 package
  • Ribbon, 8”
  • Low temperature glue gun & glue sticks OR thick, white craft glue
The bright colors make this creepy crawlie Halloween Wreath not too creepy . . . and, it's pretty easy.

Mix & match colors and critters to get just the right creepy effect.

To make a Creepy, Crawly Halloween Wreath:

1. Wrap wreath in Creepy Cloth, allowing portions to droop and drape.

Make a cheap Halloween wreath

quick & easy Halloween wreath

Loosely wrap the Creepy Cloth around the wreath.

2. Arrange critters on wreath. Arrange wiggle eyes in pairs. When pleased with the arrangement, glue critters and wiggle eyes to wreath. Let dry.

Inexpensive Halloween craft

 Pick the mix of colors and creepies you prefer.

Halloween wreath for kids

Have the kids sort the critters first, before adding them to the wreath.

3. Tie ribbon in a loop; glue and pin ribbon to back of wreath.

Are you crafting this weekend? What are you making? Anything for Halloween? Or, maybe you’ve already started your Christmas crafting? Tell us about it.

Happy crafting!


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