A Crafty, Corny Halloween Round Up: A Sweet Celebration of Candy Corn Crafts

Since featuring our Flat Stanley Candy Corn earlier this week, I’ve been poking around online and have found a collection of candy corn crafts for Halloween. I wanted to share these fun Halloween crafts, especially because most of them are fast and easy crafts. In fact, I’ll bet you have a lot of the materials already on hand – yarn, ribbon, tissue paper and scrapbook paper.

First up are the Candy Corn Cone Topiaries I shared on the blog Under the Table and Dreaming (it was my first guest post on another blog, gulp). Stephanie Lynn has a beautiful blog, and I was thrilled that she included my project. Be sure to check it out, and the beautiful photography Stephanie Lynn shares on her blog, too.

easy Halloween crafts

Buttons top off these festive topiaries. Catch the tute on Under the Table & Dreaming.

Patty Schaffer is one of my favorite designers, and I always like to see what’s new on her blog Capture the Details. Last year, Patty made a handful of sweet, yarn-wrapped candy corn. They’re not hard to make, and she explains how to do it.

mini yarn-wrapped candy corn.

How sweet is this mini candy corn?

easy Halloween candy corn craft

On her blog Capture the Details, Patty explains how to turn 3″ foam cones into yarn-wrapped candy corn.

For those with a really big sweet tooth, I found this super-sized version of Patty’s on the blog Thrifty Décor Chick. Sarah shares her tutorial to make Candy Corn Love and a candy corn wreath, too.

yarn wrapped candy corn

Super-size your yarn-wrapped candy corn with a tutorial from Thrifty Decor Chick.

For a variation of the yarn-wrapped candy corn, check out Agape Love Designs for her technique.  Maria-Isabel wrapped her foam cones with ribbon to make Ribbon Candy Corn.

Halloween crafts with ribbon

A fun and easy variation made with ribbons and foam cones.

I love that most paper crafts are inexpensive, and this one is no exception. Emily at Crafting up my World used a 1” paper punch to punch out the yellow, orange and white circles, and then glued them on a foam ball to make her Candy Corn Topiaries. If you’re looking for a TV craft, this is it!

make a Halloween topiary

A 1″ paper punch makes fast work of these Candy Corn Topiaries.

Tucking squares of fabric into STYROFOAM Brand Foam has been popular for eons (have you ever made a craft using this technique?). Andrea of Oasis Accents used a variation of this technique to make her Tissue Paper Candy Corn. And the price tag for these sweeties? Just $2 each!

easy Halloween crafts

Make these Tissue Paper Candy Corn for just $2 each.

And now, the grand finale – the Candy Corn Starburst Wreath. What’s not to love about this wreath – it’s cheerful, welcoming and a lot of fun. Kimberly of the blog Bugaboo Mini, Mr. and Me has a detailed tutorial for it (and a fun blog, too) and she’ll walk you through the steps. I would love to have this hanging on my door!

Make a candy corn Halloween wreath

Hello, candy corn! This is one sweet welcome wreath and Kimberly shows how to make it.

Do your teeth hurt yet? Nothing says “Happy Halloween” like candy corn, don’t you agree? Now, here is my question of the day – what is the plural form of candy corn? Candy corns?

Happy crafting!


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9 Responses to A Crafty, Corny Halloween Round Up: A Sweet Celebration of Candy Corn Crafts

  1. Love that you included all these into one post. Great ideas!

  2. Lisa M says:

    Those are too cute. Love the wreath.

  3. Sharon says:

    Hi Patty, I’ve never seen candy corn fangs but I will have to remember this when I break open my bag. And those Halloween decorations? Mine are still packed away, too! Thank you for sharing your sweet little candy corns. Sharon

  4. Katiria says:

    the tissue paper candy corn is my favorite

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi Sharon! Wow, that’s a lot of candy corn. Yummy!! Thanks for featuring the Tissue Paper Candy Corn =)

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Andrea, Thank you so much for subscribing to our blog, and for sharing your candy corn design. This is such a fun and easy technique, and inexpensive, too. Sharon

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