Pumpkin Craft Round Up: Pumpkins with Personality Plus!

Halloween craft round up

Pumpkins that will make you smile!

These aren’t just any old pumpkins from the patch! This week, our lively pumpkin crafts are packed with personality and know how to have a jolly good time. (Nope, no Pottery Barn inspired fall décor here – these are definitely one-of-a-kind, handmade pumpkin crafts!) If you like your Halloween décor with a little attitude, you’ll want to pick one of this week’s pumpkin crafts.

Would you like your jack-‘o-lanterns round, oval, square or cone-shaped? Or finished with paint, air-dry clay, fabric, scrapbook paper, tissue paper or crepe paper? Whatever, we have it. Click on the photos, which link to www.styrofoamcrafts.com, for step-by-step instructions and a complete list of materials. Happy harvest! (And cast your vote for your favorite.)

halloween crafts for kids

Pile o' Pumpkins by Kathleen George

vintage pumpkin crafts

Top Hat Pumpkin by Rebekah Meier

decoupage pumpkins

Jolly Jack-'o-Lantern Jamboree by Kathleen George

halloween crafts made with paper

Pumpkin Block Tower by Kathleen George

Pumpkin craft for kids

Make-You-Smile Pumpkin Pals by Kathleen George

cute pumpkin crafts

Dancing Pumpkin Trio by Kathleen George

Pumpkin crafts

Perky Pumpkin Pals by Kathleen George

Now, cast your vote — which one is your favorite pumpkin?  Do tell!

Happy crafting!


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27 Responses to Pumpkin Craft Round Up: Pumpkins with Personality Plus!

  1. Betty Nelson says:

    Yes, for the Perky Pumpkin Pals….they are sooooo cute!

  2. Diane W says:

    I “loved” each and every one of them! A hard decision but my fav is the one called, Jolly Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree in very close running with Perky Pumpkin Pals! I thought they were “all” marvelous and just had to post this page to my blog for my Doodler subscribers to check out as well! I plan to re-create a few too!

  3. Jess says:

    I love the perky pumpkin pals!

  4. Tana Lewis says:

    Love them all……

  5. Mary Lou says:

    Dancing Pumpkin Trio have the Halloween rythmn in my book

  6. Jaan says:

    L.O.V.E. Perky Pals. They totally look like my son when he has been up to no good. LOL. Love ’em.

  7. rosa parks says:

    I like Jolly Jack-O-Lantern they are the cutest. but realy thier all cute.

  8. Julie says:

    Perky Pumpkin Pals get my vote. We’re not really into Halloween here in Perth, Western Australia so I like these guys because they look good for all year round.;)

  9. Vicki says:

    Perky Pumpkins are adorable!

  10. I like Perky Pumpkin Pals!

    • Sharon says:

      So do I, Susan. This design also appeared on the front cover of the former Today’s Creative HomeArts magazine, so you know it has a lot of appeal! Thank you. Sharon.

  11. Anna says:

    Love the Top Hat Pumpkin so whimsical..

  12. Alicia says:

    I like the jack o lantern jamboree
    Love your blog

  13. Sandryte says:

    THIS ONE – Jolly Jack-‘o-Lantern Jamboree by Kathleen George

  14. Diane says:

    I love the looks of these “pumpkins.” There is nothing to frighten little ones and the faces are adorable. They can also be used for Christian gatherings without being too “Halloweenie.”

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