Repurpose Old Jeans to Make a Bulletin Board & Pencil Cube (And an update on the giveaways)

Jeans – they’re like the gift that keeps on giving. You wear them forever, after all, they finally have that perfect feel and fit, but there comes a time when you have to move on. But, don’t throw out your old favorites – there’s still a lot of life left in that beloved denim fabric. Here are two ways to repurpose old jeans – make a Denim Bulletin Board and Denim Pencil Cube.

ideas for repurposing denim jeans

Your old jeans are a "perfect fit" for this Denim Bulletin Board & Denim Pencil Cube. (ha, ha, ha -- pun intended!)

Who couldn’t use this cute denim duo in the kitchen, home office, laundry room or wherever command central is in your home. Your kids will want a set, too, and they’ll love adding the embellishments. I’d love to give away the Denim Bulletin Board you see here. Leave a comment below by next Friday, September 2, and tell me how you’ve repurposed your favorite jeans. (And in other giveaway news – today is the last day to win our “Back to School” Wreath, and you have till next Tuesday to win the Cupcake Bulletin Board and Cupcake Pencil Holder – check it out!)

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DIY Denim bulletin board

In about an hour, you'll have a new Denim Bulletin Board.

To make the Denim Bulletin Board you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 1” x 12” x 36” sheet
  • Old jeans
  • Quilt batting, ½ yd.
  • Grosgrain ribbon, 3/8”, 2-1/2 yds.
  • Embellishments of your choice: Buttons, brads, pins, charms, ribbons, etc.
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun & glue sticks
  • Tools: Scissors; ruler; sharp pencil; serrated knife and bar of soap OR dental floss; straight pins

To make the Denim Bulletin Board:

1. Measure and mark a 12” x 24” rectangle on foam sheet, scoring cutting line with sharp pencil. Wax serrated knife with soap and cut along the scored lines. Or, use dental floss: stand the sheet on its edge, and hold a 24″ length of dental floss along the scored line, positioning one hand at the bottom of the board and the other at the top; draw the dental floss down through the foam sheet along the scored line.

2. Cut a 14” x 26” piece of batting (cut two layers if your batting is thin). Place foam sheet in center of batting, and wrap batting to sides; glue in place. Trim excess batting.

3. Cut off one leg from jeans and carefully cut open along the inner seam; fabric should lay flat when open. If your jeans have a curve and fabric puckers and does not lay flat, cut the leg into two sections, closely following the inner seam. Trim away excess fabric along cut edge of the seam. Glue the two leg sections back together, layering the seam on top.

4. Place denim fabric face down on table. Center foam sheet, batting face down, on denim. Starting on one long edge, fold denim fabric around board and onto the back side. Evenly pin fabric in place. Repeat with other long edge.

5. Flip board over to be sure fabric is straight; adjust if needed. Glue in place.

6. Repeat with two short sides, folding and pinning corners so they are neat and straight. Glue fabric to back of bulletin board. Trim away excess fabric.

7. Cut four, 22” lengths of ribbon. Referring to photo, arrange ribbons in a criss-cross, diamond pattern on front of board. Pin and glue ribbon ends to back; pin and glue ribbons where they cross in front.

8. Cut 6” length of ribbon; pin and glue to back of bulletin board for hanging.

9. Cut pockets from jeans; trim excess fabric from edges. Glue pockets to the front of the memo board.

10. Add embellishments of your choice.

denim pencil holder

Include the pockets when you cut your fabric squares.

To make the Denim Pencil Cube you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 5” cube
  • Old jeans
  • Grommets, ¾” (we used eight)
  • Thick white craft glue or Yes! Paste
  • Embellishments of your choice: Patches, buttons, charms, appliques, etc.
  • Tools: Scissors; craft pins; 1” putty knife; craft knife with new blade

To make the Denim Pencil Cube:

1. Cut four, 5” squares from jeans. Cut one, 5-1/2” square. As you cut your squares, choose areas with added interest, like pockets.

2. Glue 5-1/2” denim square to top of 5” cube, folding excess fabric over the edges and onto the sides. To glue, use putty knife to spread thin layer of white craft glue or Yes! Paste on top of foam cube and along top edges of each side. Center the denim square on top, smooth firmly with fingertips, and fold fabric over edges and onto sides. If needed, pin fabric in place along top edges; trim corners.

3. Working on one side at a time, spread glue or Yes! Paste onto side and cover with denim square; be sure to cover fabric along top edge, too. If needed, pin in place till glue holds.

4. To make holes for pencils, use craft knife to carefully cut a small X in the denim on top of cube. Push sharp pencil through denim and into the STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Rotate pencil gently but firmly till hole is large enough for pencil to easily slide in and out. Glue grommet over the hole with white craft glue. Repeat till you’ve added all the holes you like.

Make a denim pencil cube

DIY the details.

5. Embellish! Decorate with patches, appliques, charms, etc.

And there you have it – two stylish organizers from one old pair of jeans.

Don’t forget to check out our three giveaways:

  • Win this Denim Bulletin Board by telling us how you’ve repurposed old jeans.
  • Win a “Back to School” Wreath.
  • Win a Cupcake Bulletin Board and Cupcake Pencil Holder.

(Remember to use the arrow key in the upper, left-hand corner to find the giveaways from earlier this week.)

Debra – Congratulations!  You’ve won our Denim Bulletin Board and Pencil Cube!  Please use the “Contact Us” tab above to contact me.  

Happy crafting.


We're a fan of FaveCrafts and this project appears in the November blog hop for recycled crafting. Yippee!

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  9. Storage Geek says:

    That cube is gorgeous! I featured it at Storage Geek with full credit and link back of course!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! I’ve shared your post on our Facebook page and via Twitter, too. Be sure to post a photo of your finished Denim Pencil Cube on our Facebook page @StyroCrafts. Sharon

  10. Ariane says:

    What a great project to share with us. Love it!!! This would be great to decorate my sons rooms. Love it!!!

  11. Judy More says:

    wow I thought I was the queen of using jeans,everything from hotpads and bag holders that look like overalla,purses,aprons,throws,coasters.but this tops it cant wait to find my foam so I can make the cube so cute.thanks for sharing.

  12. Julie says:

    I am totally going to make this! I haven’t wanted to throw away my old jeans, but I didn’t know what I could do with them, until now! thanks for this.

    • Sharon says:

      Awesome! So glad we’ve inspired you. I hope you’ll share photos of your finished denim organizers on our Facebook page @StyroCrafts. We’d love to see them! Thanks for the comment, Julie.

  13. elenor says:

    I have a pile of old jeans, which my friend rescued from being thrown away. I love to try out lots of projects and new techniques with them and – they always look great!
    So I am grateful for your sharing these nice ideas with me here in Austria!
    best wishes to you!

  14. lyn lewis says:

    ideas even!

  15. lyn lewis says:

    What great dieas, love the pencil box!

  16. leftofdeth says:

    Hi, first time reader, long time blogger. I just wanted to say that I love all the creativity you have dedicated toward crafts. I’m not much of a crafter myself, I’m more of a builder, but I admire your art. Thank you so much for all the inspiration!!! Best Wishes!!!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you so much. Whether it’s crafting, building, or making music, creativity makes the world a better place! All the best in your creative pursuits, too. Sharon

  17. debraqceo says:

    What great use of denim and projects that the kids would love to have in their room. I am inspired since I have a pile of old jeans in my sewing basket thinking of making the denim pencil holder but changing it up to be a photo, message cube with wire holders in top and the pockets for extra pictures and notes. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you for the comment, Debra. There is so much you can do with old jeans! I’d love to see the photo of your photo/message cube, so please be sure to share. Sharon

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