Make it with paper: Super simple Star Spangled Squares serve as centerpieces & party favors

Patriotic paper craft:  Star Spangled Squares

Make a trio -- or more -- in less than an hour.

It was harder to write an alliterative headline than it was to make these Star Spangled Squares (and, I think the squares turned out much better than the headline!). My inspiration was the Gerbera Daisy Cube design by Diane Flowers. I changed them up with a red, white & blue theme, and added small flags instead of gerbera daisies. These would be so cute on a mantel, a picnic table, or as 4th of July party favors.

Get ready, get set, go! You’ll be done in no time. A sheet of paper, a bottle of glue, and you’re ready to go!

Here’s what you need to make a Star Spangled Square:

Craft tutorial: patriotic centerpiece

The foam cube grips the flag, holding it upright.

(materials listed are for one square)

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 3” cube
  • Scrapbook paper, 12” x 12”
  • Embellishments: ribbons, buttons, stickers, etc.
  • Paper shred
  • Small American flag
  • Tools: ruler; pencil; scissors; bone folder (optional); star punches; low temperature glue gun & glue sticks OR thick, white craft glue

Here’s how to make a Star Spangled Square:

1. Measure and cut a 3” x 12” strip of scrapbook paper. Mark strip in 3” increments and fold on lines; use bone folder for neater creases (optional).

2. Fit paper around cube and glue in place.

3. Measure and cut a 3” square from scrapbook paper. Glue to top of cube.

Paper Craft a patriotic star spangled square

Embellish with ribbons, buttons, paper strips, punched shapes -- you name it.

4. Decorate cubes with ribbons, paper strips, punched stars, buttons, stickers, and other embellishments.

5. Using tip of scissors, make a small hole in top; insert flag. Arrange and glue shred to top of cube.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends. Till next week,

Happy crafting!


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8 Responses to Make it with paper: Super simple Star Spangled Squares serve as centerpieces & party favors

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  2. Organized 31 says:

    So patriotic and festive. I can see me making some of these centerpieces this weekend with the kiddos. Thanks for sharing at the Patriots Palooza Link Party.

  3. Denise says:

    Thank you for sharing this simple, affordable, able decoration! Will be making these for my son’s Eagle Scout Ceremony. At this price, we can afford to donate to the troop for future events.

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you for your sweet comment! I’m so glad you’ve found this idea helpful, and that you’re going to make them for your son’s special day. I’m honored to be a part of it! Congratulations to your son! Sharon

  4. Eileen Hull says:

    Hooray for the red white and blue! Great project- had no idea you were so crafty Sharon!

  5. Diane Flowers says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration ! LOVE this idea !

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