Four no-sew, flag crafts salute the Fourth of July

Be true to the red white & blue and decorate your front door with one of these four, star spangled banners.  They’re all easy to make and require no sewing skills, so you can invite your little helpers to craft with you. The “punch” technique might take a little time, but it’s easy, and you need something to do while watching summer reruns, don’t you? 

Tutorials for each of our four flags are available on  Click on the photo to link to the tutorial. 

DIY fabric flag no-sew

It doesn’t get more all-American than bandanas & denim!

You never have to thread a needle to make our “quilted” flag.  You use a butter knife or putty knife to tuck the fabrics into a sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.  So, while it looks hand quilted, you can make it in an hour or two.  Don’t you love the cute field of buttons standing in for the stars?

Our punch flags are super easy, and a technique kids really love, too.  You can experiment with these and substitute tissue paper for the fabric.  Or, go green and recycle your grocery bags in lieu of using fabrics.  (I have a stash of different colored plastic bags that I save for projects like this.)

Craft tutorial: Flag craft for July 4th

Make the Punched Flag Wallhanging with fabric squares, or substitute tissue paper or plastic shopping bags.

DIY kids flag craft for July 4th

This flag’s smaller size is easier for kids to tackle.

DIY Kids craft patriotic flag

A flag with heart — and shooting stars.

We’ll have more patriotic crafts later this week.  And don’t forget, our Solar System giveaway ends tonight.  You’ll want to post a comment here or post a photo on the StyroCraft Facebook page to enter!

Happy crafting!


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