Three more fast & sporty Father’s Day crafts

sport-theme crafts for Father's Day

Ball Cap Organizer hits a home run with Dad.

When I saw designer Robin Tarnoff’s Ball Cap Organizer in Woman’s World magazine, I knew I had to share it in time for Father’s Day.  This Father’s Day craft is quick and inexpensive to make, and one ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam will make two ball caps (maybe make one for Grandpa, too?).

Here’s how you might change it up a bit:

  • Personalize it with the colors of Dad’s favorite baseball team.
  • Use a foamie sheet for the visor (bonus: you won’t have to paint it).
  • Add other embellishments like punched paper shapes, charms, buttons and stickers.
  • Display a favorite photo instead of a note.

To make the Ball Cap Organizer, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 4” ball
  • Acrylic craft paint in Dad’s favorite team colors
  • Cardboard, 6” x 4”
  • Self-adhesive foamie letters
  • Tools: Rubber band, plastic knife, stiff bristle paint brush, black marker, scissors, thick white craft glue

To make the Ball Cap Organizer:

1. Position rubber band around ball, creating two equal halves.  Using black marker, draw a line next to the rubber band.

2. Cut foam ball in half, following the line. (Note: Use a plastic knife and have an adult cut the foam.)

3. Paint half ball in chosen color.  Let dry.

4. Make the visor.  Place painted half ball along one 4” edge of cardboard; trace around curves at each corner.  Repeat at other 4” edge.  Paint brim and let dry. (Or, you can use this pattern to cut out the visor.)

5. Glue half ball to brim and let dry.

6. Decorate the hat with foamie letters or other materials.

We have two other sporting suggestions for Dad on his day.  Clicking on each photo will take you to the step-by-step instructions on

baseball crafts for Father's Day

Personalize this ball cap for Dad.

Kids crafts for dad

Score — Dad will love his memo minder.

For more man-tastic crafts, check out Five Father’s Day Crafts for Kids from last week.

What are your plans for Father’s Day?  Are you crafting for Dad?

Happy crafting!


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