Pomander Palooza: Video tutorial demonstrates pomanders four ways

Tissue paper pomander tutorial

Pomanders make any party a celebration.

Have you made pomanders?  Those frilly, ethereal spheres seem to make every occasion a special occasion.  I don’t know of another wedding decoration that is so beautiful, versatile, and easy and affordable to make.  How can you use them?  Hang pomanders from the ceiling, carry them down the aisle, decorate pews, display on tables, or dangle from chairs.

But really, you can make any party, even a backyard barbecue, a little more special when pomanders are part of the plan.  If you’ve wondered how to make pomanders, Candie Cooper will show you just how easy they are to make in our video Pomander Palooza.  In fact, they’re so easy, she’ll show how to make four different kinds in less than five minutes:Video tutorial for DIY Pomanders

  • Traditional flower pomanders
  • Popular cupcake pomanders made with cupcake liners
  • Tulle pomanders fashioned from tulle poufs
  • Tissue paper pomandersmade with tissue paper flowers.

The video is as easy and breezy as making pomanders, so have fun!

Happy crafting!Sharon

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One Response to Pomander Palooza: Video tutorial demonstrates pomanders four ways

  1. Eileen Hull says:

    Candi did a great job on the video- cool ideas!

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