DIY diamond ring: Craft this glittering, diamond ring centerpiece for a bridal shower or wedding celebration

If a DIY wedding or bridal shower is in your plans, how about crafting this Diamond Ring Centerpiece? Silver glitter makes this stunning ring sparkle, and it rests on a pedestal made from a cube of STYROFOAM Brand Foam and pretty scrapbook papers. Creamy ranunculus surround the ring, and you can easily change up the flowers to match the colors of the wedding party.  The combination of glitter, scrapbook papers, silk flowers and STYROFOAM Brand Foam comes together quickly, and you can make this Diamond Ring Centerpiece in just an hour or two.

What a pretty, DIY centerpiece for a  bridal shower! Love the bling!

Super-Bling Diamond Ring Centerpiece by Diane Flowers.

Here’s what you need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam:  3″ x 2″ cone; 5” cube; 6” x 1-1/4” wreath
  • Wedding-theme 12″ x 12″ decorative paper
  • Small cream ranunculus, 17
  • Silver glitter
  • Tools:  Serrated knife; candle stub or soap; toothpicks; pencil; ruler; scissors; floral shears; floral pins; low-temp glue gun and glue sticks; thick, white craft glue; paper glue; waxed paper; large cardboard box or newspaper

To make your Diamond Ring:

  1. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or soap. Cut bottom 1/2″ from tip of foam cone to create flat base. Insert several toothpicks into cut end of cone.  Insert other end of toothpicks into wreath ring, and use glue gun to glue cone to wreath ring.  Let dry.
  2. Cover one side of wedding ring with white glue.  Hold over cardboard box or newspaper and sprinkle with glitter till covered.  Place on waxed paper to dry. When dry, gently tap off excess glitter to reuse.
  3. Repeat Step 2 till each side is covered.
  4. Trace four sides of foam cube onto back of decorative paper; cut out and adhere to cube with paper glue. Let dry.
  5. Secure wedding ring to top of cube with floral pins and glue gun.
  6. Using floral shears, trim flower stems to 2″ and insert into top of cube around base of ring. When pleased with arrangement, remove stems one by one and hot glue into holes.

For a DIY wedding or other special occasions, be sure to check out for more inspiration. And that’s it till next week.

Happy crafting!


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4 Responses to DIY diamond ring: Craft this glittering, diamond ring centerpiece for a bridal shower or wedding celebration

  1. Airian says:

    This is beautiful! Do you know where can I find the decorative wedding theme paper?

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! You should be able to find wedding theme scrapbook papers at Michaels, Jo-Ann Stores, Hobby Lobby or other craft stores near you. You could also search online and you’ll find a nice selection, too. Good luck, and happy crafting! Sharon

  2. silvia says:

    I love this but not very crafty do you know of anyone that we make it and sale it to me.

    Thank you Silvia

    • Sharon says:

      I’m so glad you like this, Silvia. This is a do-able project, and I’m sure you could create something beautiful, too. Unfortunately, I do not know of anyone who could craft this for you. Good luck with it — I hope you give it a try! Sharon

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