Easter Greetings and the Cutest Bunny – Ever!

Felted Bunny in recycled sweater

Bunnies dont come much cuter than this one by Debra Quartermain.

Happy Friday!  I thought I had this post all planned and then last night, designer Debra Quartermain posted the cutest bunny ever on the StyroCraft Facebook page.  This adorable bunny is a recycle craft and she wears a recycled sweater to keep warm in the chilly Canadian springtime. Debra is also participating in the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop and she’s just one stop in a collection of blogs featuring Easter crafts – hop on and see them all.

Dimensional Easter Greetings Card I also wanted to share with you two Easter cards made by another talented designer, Rebekah Meier.  To make her cards really “pop”, Rebekah added dimension with a half-egg of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.  These are truly keepsake cards!  I love how she changed up the color schemes to create one that’s softly elegant and another that’s bright and punchy.  The instructions for both are on www.styrofoamcrafts.com – just click on the photos to go right to the page.  Do you make cards? What’s the most special card you’ve ever received?

Dimensional Easter Card

A soft palette lends an elegant cast to this Easter card.

Bright & dimensional Easter Card

Polka dots add punch to this dimensional card.

Don’t forget to register your vote to win the supplies for a PEEPS Topiary – just tell us if you prefer the bunny or chick topiary.  Today is your last day to enter.

We’ll be back on Monday with more inspiration and another giveaway.

Have a crafty, creative weekend!


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