Easy, Kid-Pleasing Easter Craft – Marshmallow PEEPS Topiary (or, the Marshmallow PEEPS Smack Down: Chicks vs. Bunnies) And, Two Giveaways this Week!

Peeps finery.

What are you wearing to the Easter parade?  We had a lot of fun crafting with PEEPS this weekend, but alas, created nothing wearable.  PEEPS were a favorite of mine as a kid, and while I no longer relish the sugar overload, they still have a “soft” spot in my heart.

Marshmallow PEEPS Topiary from US Born.

"Official" PEEPS Topiary from U.S. Born.

Woman's Day Sunflower Topiary with marshmallow PEEPS

When I saw this Sunflower PEEPS Topiary in Woman’s Day, I fell in love with the bright, springtime colors (if you have the April 17 issue, you’ll also want to check out the Easter Egg Topiary on page 57 for a slightly more sophisticated centerpiece).  I poked around online and saw quite a few other variations, including this one from Just Born, Inc., makers of PEEPS marshmallow shapes.  Just for sentimental reasons, I knew I had to make one.

marshmallow peeps craft

A Marshmallow Bunny Topiary is a super-fast Easter decoration.

I decided to make my topiary with PEEPS marshmallow bunnies and a cone of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.  It couldn’t have been easier!  I completed my Bunny Topiary in less than 15 minutes, and received many “ooohs” and “ahhhs” from my daughter.

Bolstered by this snappy success, I started my second topiary using PEEPS marshmallow chicks. I decided to get fancy with topiary #2 and spiral the chicks around the cone. Not such a good idea . . . first, I tried making spirals with individual chicks, then with entire rows of chicks. In the end, I found all those PEEPS looked like colorful blobs and nothing more.Following another last-minute dash to the store for more PEEPS, I went back to the original concept and glued the peeps on in straight rows around the cone. To top it, I made a small nest from Easter grass and added a chick and a few candy eggs.

marshmallow Peeps Easter craft

Marshmallow Peeps bunnies or chicks -- the choice is yours!

In my mind, the bunny topiary is the hands-down winner. It was quick and easy, and those bunnies look so darn cute. The shape of the chicks is less distinct and more blob like, leaving you squinting and saying “hmm, just what ARE those?”

Here’s what I used for the bunny topiary: 

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 9” x 5” cone
  • PEEPS: 20 – 22 blue; 18 purple; 10 green; and 2 yellow
  • Low temp glue gun

Glue bunnies around cone in rows, starting at the bottom.  Continue working up and around the cone till it’s covered.  That’s it! (If you’re using chicks, glue down the bodies only and not the tails so that you can slightly overlap the next row and fill in some of the blank spots.)

To win supplies to make your own PEEPS topiary, leave a comment below telling us if you prefer the bunny or chick topiary. On Friday, I’ll select a name and send out one cone of STYROFOAM Brand Foam and enough PEEPS marshmallow chicks or bunnies (your choice) for you to make your own topiary.

For a second chance to win, go to our Facebook page, “Like” us and then post a photo of your own Easter craft made with STYROFOAM Brand Foam on our Facebook wall. We will send one dozen eggs of STYROFOAM Brand Foam to the first three people who post photos of their Easter crafts made with STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

So, tell us below, which do you prefer, bunnies or chicks? And post your photos on our Facebook page.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


**NOTE: This giveaway is closed.

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27 Responses to Easy, Kid-Pleasing Easter Craft – Marshmallow PEEPS Topiary (or, the Marshmallow PEEPS Smack Down: Chicks vs. Bunnies) And, Two Giveaways this Week!

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  2. monique says:

    I LOVE both I think they look awesome I will be making both make a fabolous idea

  3. vi parker says:

    i am going to make both of them

  4. Tina Sample says:

    The bunnies are the best! Too cute, I don’t like to eat them but love to look at them. Thanks for the idea,

  5. Hi Sharon! Just stopping by with congratulations! Your project was in the top 5 most popular posts for March on Fun Family Crafts! Thanks for sharing your creativity and we hope you’ll submit more. If you would like to see the post and grab a TOP 5 button, you can see it here http://funfamilycrafts.com/march-2012-top-posts/ Thanks!

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  7. PJ says:

    I like them both. Will be a hard decision to make……..
    I may just make both of them. I wonder if you could use toothpicks to attach them so they could be eaten? It’s worth a try.

    • Sharon says:

      I think toothpicks would work, for sure. I would first cover the cone in plastic wrap or foil, just to keep the candy away from the foam. Have fun, and post a photo of your topiaries on our Facebook page @StyroCrafts. Happy crafting! Sharon

  8. Ann Snowgren says:

    Definitely chicks. The original. Bunnies don’t peep. Gee. I love the chicks. My g’babies will get a kick out of this. Just hope they don’t try to eat it.

  9. Chris says:

    These are SOOO cute.. Love the chicks!

  10. Megan says:

    I love this idea. The topiaries are so wonderful,. We have something called the “Peep Show” in our town where people have to do dioramas using peeps my favorite last year was Top Peep a parody of Top Chef.

  11. I just posted your link onto the cool2craft facebook fan page. Thanks again!

  12. Your Peep art is fabulous!!! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Cool2Craft!

  13. lilia gomez says:

    Bunnies!!!! Sooo perfect for my daughter’s Easter christening. 🙂

  14. Linda Ware says:

    Love the bunnies…can’t wait to make it.

  15. I am curious on how long do you think it would be ok to leave out.. beings it is sugar and all.. I don’t want to draw ants.. but I would LOVE to have some Easter cheer around my kitchen..

    • Sharon says:

      I displayed the Peeps Topiaries for at least two – three weeks, and never had a problem with ants or other bugs. Of course, I live in Cleveland and bugs aren’t usually a problem this time of year. The Peeps Topiaries are such a fun and easy craft to make, I hope you give them a try. Thanks for visiting. Sharon

  16. Linda says:

    Those are both adorable!!! But, I think I like the Bunny one the most.

  17. Sharon says:

    The bunny one is more spring like and the chicks look like the boughs of an evergreen tree. The Daughter

  18. i love the chicks! they are very recognizable to me since i live in the lehigh valley in PA where they are made! the bunny topiary is very cute, too, but i’m gonna go with the chicks in this smackdown! 🙂

  19. Paula says:

    I like the chicks- the nest on the top is so cute.

  20. Joan McCray says:

    I love your bunny topiary! Hop Hop Hooray! I’d make that plus so the chicks don’t feel left out and my kids love our birds flying about outside, I’d make nests for the different colored peeps and maybe put them around the bottom of the tree like presents 🙂

  21. Clare Groninga says:

    I like the bunny topiary, but I like the nest on the chick topiary. I might do the bunny topped with a nest. Thanks for the inspiration!

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