The perfect wreath for summer – it’s bright, colorful and super easy

This sunny, summer wreath is appropriately named Extravaganza Wreath. With an explosion of bright colors and textures, it looks like a summer party in a wreath. It’s summer easy to make, too. You’ll wrap up this wreath in an evening, easily. The hardest part might be sorting through your stash of fabric and ribbon scraps to find your favorites. Let’s get the party started!

Super cute for summer, and super easy, too.

Summer Extravaganza Wreath by Kathleen George.

To make a Summer Extravaganza Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 2” wreath
  • Fabric:
    • ½ yd. background fabric (Kathleen used bright yellow)
    • Two, fat quarters or ¼ yd. in contrasting colors (Kathleen used hot pink and a yellow print)
    • Assorted scraps
  • Ribbon, assorted scraps 2” – 4” long
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wooden skewer, awl, or other tool with a sharp point

To make a Summer Extravaganza Wreath:

1. Tear or cut the background fabric into twelve, 16” x 2-½” strips. Tie the strips around the wreath and knot them on the outside edge. Trim and fluff the ends. Add variety by:

  • Cut some tails in half up to the knot, creating four tails.
  • Cut some tails to a point.

2. Tear or cut the first complementary fabric into four, 16” x 1-½” strips. Tie the strips around the wreath at the top, bottom and each side, dividing it into quarters. Repeat with your second complementary fabric, dividing the wreath into eight sections.

Summer stash wreath -- use your favorite leftover fabrics and ribbons  to DIY this Extravaganza Wreath.

You partially wrap the wreath in fabric strips first, and then fill in the other areas by punching fabric pieces and ribbons into the foam wreath.

3. Cover the rest of the wreath:

  • Tear or cut fabric scraps into 2” squares and 2” x 3” rectangles with pointed ends.
  • Place a fabric piece on the wreath, and use the wood skewer or other pointed tool to push the center of the fabric piece ½” into the wreath.
  • Fluff the fabric piece.
  • Add assorted lengths and colors of ribbon using the same technique.
  • Continue to add fabrics and ribbons till the wreath is covered and you like how it looks.

The kids can help make this wreath, for sure. You can also follow the tutorial and make a wreath for other seasons and holidays. Every time you change up your combination of fabrics and ribbons, you’ll have a whole new look.

While sorting through your fabrics, pick a few favorites to make this sunshine bright Flower Power Wreath, too.

Make a spring flower wreath

Flower Power Wreath by Kathleen George.

Here’s another wreath packed with summertime color. If you’re a fan of duct tape (I am!) check out the Duct Tape Flower Wreath I shared a while back.

A summer bright (and summer fun) Duct Tape Flower Wreath. The flowers are made from Duck Tape Sheets fed through a die-cutting machine.

I made the flowers from Duck Tape Sheets. They worked perfectly in my die-cutting machine.

The summer celebration isn’t over yet. Next week, I’ve planned a week of crafts for the kiddos. I hope you’ll join me.

Will you be crafting this weekend?

Happy crafting.


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An inexpensive way to DIY Photo Wall Art for your gallery wall

Summertime is full of photo opps, from vacation vistas to family reunions, weddings and graduations. Today I’m sharing an easy and inexpensive way to make Photo Wall Art.  With a foam board as your “canvas,” you’ll also find that this Photo Wall Art is really easy to hang – you can use poster putty, or hook-and-loop hangers like 3M™ Command Hooks. That means no holes in the wall, and you can rearrange your gallery wall as often as you like.

An easy technique for showcasing garden photos without custom printing on canvas.

Tulip Photo Wall Art; photos by Studio Rossi.

I love seeing photos of peoples’ gardens on Facebook and Instagram. (Maybe it’s because of the long, hard winter we had.) Hang your favorite flower photos on the wall and enjoy the blooms year-round, like the Tulip Wall Art and Gerbera Daisy Photo Wall Art.

Beautiful photos! Here's an easy -- and inexpensive -- way to make photo wall art without custom printing on canvas.

Gerbera Daisy Wall Art; photos by Studio Rossi.

Celebrate special occasions and special friends, like this Girlfriend Photo Wall Art. (And how time flies – these two young ladies will graduate high school in less than a week!)

Perfect for a little girl's room. Here's how to make photo wall art easily & inexpensively.

Girlfriend Photo Wall Art; photos by Studio Rossi.

Dress up your foam “canvas” with papers and trims to customize it for your décor. The tutorial for Paisley Portrait Wall Art offers lots of inspiration.

This would be so pretty on the wall! Great idea for wedding & graduation photos.

Paisley Portrait Wall Art by Rebekah Meier.

I’m sure you’ll take a camera along on your summer vacation, and no doubt you’ll have a photo or two you’d like to display. This River Rock Wall Art is actually a photo scrapbook paper, but you may take a photo just like this on your vacation.

Wall Art made with photo realistic river rock scrapbook paper

River Rock Wall Art is super easy and made with scrapbook papers.

I know, we don’t want to think about the office during the summer, right? While the Office Wall Art isn’t about summer fun, it shows how you can transform a humble, everyday object into a stunning picture. Look around you – is there an everyday object that might look cool as wall art? Or a special memento that you can document in a photo and hang on your gallery wall?

I have so many ideas for this technique. How to use what you have on hand to make beautiful, inexpensive custom wall art.

Office Wall Art; photos by Studio Rossi.

What are your summer plans? Will you have an opportunity to take a few photos you’ll want to hang on your walls?

Happy crafting.



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DIY a succulent container garden in a vintage book planter

Earlier this week, the Altered Book by Becca Malone inspired me to try something new – a DIY succulent container garden in a vintage book planter. The first time I saw a vintage book planter was at Maker Faire last year. I loved the idea, but didn’t love the tedium of cutting through pages, and also worried about mildew if the pages got wet (which is likely, right?). Thanks to Becca’s technique, you can make this vintage book planter in an hour or two, and it won’t absorb water so there’s no mildew. These book planters make the cutest succulent container gardens, and I made mine two ways – with real and faux succulents. (Because yes, I have killed succulents – sorry, Mom!)

There's a trick to making this Vintage Book Container Garden in just an hour or two! I love this idea.

You’ll be surprised at how easy these are to make — just an hour or two and you’re done.

First, a few things I learned along the way:

  • If you need a source for hardback books, you can’t beat the $1 price tag at the various dollar store chains.
  • If you’re working with real succulents, use the thickest book you can. I had one that was 2” thick, but unfortunately, I ruined mine when cutting out the pages. The one I ended up using was almost 1-1/2” thick, and I would have preferred something deeper so it would hold more dirt.
  • If using a thicker book, you might need to stack together two, 1” thick pieces of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. The foam itself will not absorb water, but water might seep through the seam between the two pieces. In that case, line your cavity with plastic.
  • Get creative with covering the edges of your foam insert – it doesn’t have to look like pages in a book. I thought about trimming a moss sheet to fit, or using scrapbook paper with script writing on it. You can also use a strip of burlap, fabric, or ribbon. I used a textured, paper ribbon that I found in the floral aisle.
  • And finally — faux or real, it’s your choice.
Gather up your materials and make a quick & easy Vintage Book Planter.

You don’t need a lot of supplies to DIY a Vintage Book Planter.

To make a Vintage Book, Succulent Garden, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1” x 12” x 18” sheet, or other thickness as needed for your book
  • Hardback book, the thicker the better
  • Trim to wrap around the edges; I used a crinkled paper ribbon, but you could also use moss, paper, burlap, fabric, or other ribbon
  • Succulents, real or faux
  • Polished pebbles or stones
  • Glue dots
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; marker; Xacto® knife; spoon; optional for a thicker book: dental floss, plastic sheeting (could be from a freezer bag)
These Vintage Book Planters are adorable, and super-easy, too. Really, make them in just an hour or two.

Faux succulents on the left; the “real” succulents are on the right.

To make a Vintage Book, Succulent Garden:

1. Carefully cut out all of the pages from the book, except for eight – ten pages at the beginning of the book. Cut as close to the binding as possible.

2. Using the ruler and a marker, draw a rectangle the size of a page on the foam sheet. Score the lines with an Xacto knife. Position the foam sheet at the edge of a tabletop, and snap along the scored lines. If your book is more than 1” thick, repeat and then glue the two pieces together. For a size that’s in between, pull a length of dental floss through the foam block and shave off a thin layer so the foam block will fit inside the book.

Genius idea for creating a Vintage Book Planter -- substitute a block of STYROFOAM Brand Foam for the pages. It goes so much faster, and won't absorb water and mildew. has the tutorial.

1. Remove the pages. 2. Cut your foam insert the size of a page. 3. Scoop out the center, leaving a thin layer on the bottom. 4. Glue the foam into the book.

3. Measure and mark 1” in from each edge of the foam rectangle. Use a spoon to carve out the opening. Do not cut all the way through the foam. You want to keep a layer of foam in the bottom to help position faux succulent stems; or if using real succulents, the foam layer will contain any moisture.

4. Test fit the foam rectangle in the book. If an edge needs tweaking, sand it with a scrap piece of foam, or compress it by pressing firmly on a tabletop.

5. Glue your trim around the top, bottom and right-hand edges.

6. Glue the foam insert to the inside, back cover and binding. Fit it as snugly as possible against the binding.

Brilliant! How to make a Vintage Book Planter in an hour or two!

I worried about the glue showing through the pages, and so I used glue dots to adhere the top pages on each side.

7. Glue two – three pages from the front onto the foam insert, and add one more page on top using glue dots. Using the ruler and Xacto knife, carefully cut away the opening.

8. Glue several extra pages to the inside, front cover, and use glue dots to adhere the final page.

Faux Succulents:

Succulent container garden made from a vintage book. Love this! And the succulents are faux, too.

Arrange your succulents, and insert the stems into the foam bottom. Fill with small pebbles.

9. Trim stems to about 1”. Arrange succulents in the planter, inserting stems into the foam bottom to help hold them in place. Fill planter with small pebbles.

Beautiful! And so easy -- technique is on DIY it in an hour or so!

If you’re like me and have killed “indestructible” succulents, use faux instead.

Real Succulents:

10. If you used two layers of foam, line the planter with plastic to keep water from seeping through the seam between the pieces.

Easy-to-follow tutorial to DIY a Vintage Book Planter.

Carefully spoon your dirt into the planter. Top off with polished stones.

11. Remove the succulents from their pots and tap off extra dirt. Arrange the plants in the book. Using a spoon, carefully fill the planter with soil. Arrange stones on top.

There's a trick to making this Vintage Book Container Garden in just an hour or two! I love this idea.

I think these succulent planters are pretty cool, and I have confirmation from another source — my teenage daughter did not roll her eyes at this craft project, and she’s already claimed the faux succulent planter for her room. Score! Perhaps I’ll give the planter with the real succulents to my Mom, who has a much greener thumb than I.

Are you on board with the succulent craze? Do you have tips for growing them successfully?

Happy crafting!




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Mixed media book art: The easy way to DIY an altered book

No more pencils, no more books . . . It’s the end of the school year, and I’m making an exception to “no more books” to show you how to DIY an Altered Book the easy way. You can use an old textbook, or other hardback book to make your Mixed Media, Altered Book. The thicker the book, the deeper your “pocket” for displaying treasures. The shortcut for making an easy Altered Book is to remove all of the pages and replace them with a piece of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. It’s so much easier than carefully and precisely cutting through hundreds of pages. Here’s another idea – wouldn’t a custom, Altered Book make a special graduation gift?

Genius technique for creating an altered book. This is so much easier than cutting through each and every page!  Tear out all pages and replace them with a block of Styrofoam brand foam.

Mixed Media, Altered Book by Becca Malone.

To make a Mixed Media, Altered Book, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1-1/2” x 12” x 36” (or other thickness to match the thickness of your book)
  • Old book, approximately 1-1/2” thick between the covers (if you don’t have one handy, your local dollar store should have a nice selection)
  • Antique-finish parchment paper, three sheets
  • Acrylic spackling or premixed tile grout
  • Sand paper, fine grit
  • Acrylic paint to match parchment paper
  • Gel stain medium
  • Embellishments, 1-1/2” wide or smaller: Charms, game pieces, sewing notions, old photos, silk flowers, postage stamps, etc.
  • Glue dots
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors: straight edge and deckle edge; serrated knife; old candle or bar of soap; fine-line, permanent marker; ruler; disposable mixing bowl, spoon & palette; medium flat paintbrush.

To make a Mixed Media, Altered Book:

1. Carefully remove pages from the book while preserving the binding. Use a page as a template, and trace around it on the foam sheet with the ruler and marker. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin, and cut out the foam rectangle. Mark a 1” border on each side, and cut the center from the rectangle. Use scrap foam to sand all cut edges smooth.

2. Slightly thin the spackling or tile grout with water. Paint the inside and outside edges of the foam “frame” with the thinned tile grout. Let dry and sand smooth. Repeat.

DIY an easy Altered Book. These pages look real!

Use the tip of a knife to create lines that mimic pages of a book.

3. Paint the top, bottom and right-hand edges with spackling or grout that has not been thinned. These are the edges that will appear to be pages when placed in the book. Use the edge of a knife to create “page” lines on the three edges. Let dry.

4. Paint the foam frame and let dry. Apply gel stain, wiping away to create the desired effect. Let dry.

5. Cut a piece of parchment to fit the foam frame. Place the parchment “page” on the frame, and carefully cut out the opening to match the frame. Glue the parchment page to the foam frame, aligning all edges.

6. Cut two more book pages from the parchment paper, adding an extra ½” on the left-hand side. Barely trim all edges on the top, bottom and right-hand side with deckle-edge scissors. Don’t cut too deeply, to keep the pages close to full size.

7. Make a ½” fold along the left-hand side of the two pages. Glue pages along the left-hand edge of the foam frame. Insert the frame into the book cover, gluing it to the inside back cover and the binding. Close book, weight down and let dry completely.

8. Thin gel stain slightly with water and apply around window opening. Apply mixture to pages and inside front cover to give a vintage look.

9. Using glue dots, adhere the two extra pages to the left-hand book cover.

Mixed media, altered book -- super-easy tutorial. No more cutting through hundreds of pages!

What would you display in the little nook? Charms, sewing notions, ticket stubs, photos, or??

10. Arrange and glue embellishments, quotes, photos or other desired memorabilia inside book.

Genius technique for creating an altered book. This is so much easier than cutting through each and every page!  Tear out all pages and replace them with a block of Styrofoam brand foam.

This would make a very special graduation gift!

Now, what do you do with the leftover book pages? How about making a Vintage, Book Page Wreath?

Gorgeous! Love this wreath. Complete tutorial on

Or, DIY the Springtime Book Page Roses Wreath.

Beautiful, DIY spring wreath made with scrapbook papers and book page roses. DIY on

Patty Schaffer has one more idea for you — a Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging made with book page hearts.

Book page hearts + LOVE letters = this pretty, Valentine's Day Wall Hanging.

Love Letters Wall Hanging by Patty Schaffer

I really love the idea of making an Altered Book. For one, it’s unexpected, and it’s fun to plan the display you’ll tuck into the little, surprise nook in the center of the book. And two, this technique makes it easy to do. In fact, I made my own variation which I’ll share later this week. See you then!

Happy crafting.



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20 Star-spangled, red, white and blue, patriotic crafts

How do you like the new, star-spangled photo above? Thanks to our recent photo shoot, I’m having fun dressing up Crafts ‘n Coffee for the seasons and holidays. Summer starts early this year, and can you believe that we’re heading into the first holiday weekend of the summer? It’s been a few years since I’ve done a roundup of patriotic crafts, and I’ve added quite a few red, white and blue crafts since then. Today I have a new and updated roundup of 20 Patriotic DIYs, from wreaths and flags to centerpieces.

Patriotic Wreaths

Quick & Easy Bandanna Wreath

Nothing hard about this wreath -- it uses bandanas and a Styrofoam brand wreath. Super easy and super cute!

This Quick & Easy Bandanna Wreath is perfect for kids to make, too.

Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath

Fun & festive wreath made with Deco Mesh. Tutorial on

Flashes of silver ribbon add sparkle to this Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath.

Wrap & Roll Patriotic Wreath

Wrap up this easy, in expensive July 4th wreath using craft bandanas.

Wrap & Roll Patriotic Wreath by Patty Schaffer

Patriotic Fringed Bandanna Wreath

fast & easy patriotic wreath for July 4th.

Patriotic, Fringed Bandana Wreath by Patty Schaffer.

Stars & Stripes Patriotic Wreath

how to make a quick & easy July 4th wreath

Whip up this wreath in less than an hour!

All-American Denim & Rosettes Wreath

How to make a fast, denim wreath with ruffled, flower rosettes.

All-American Denim & Rosettes Wreath

All-American Flags

Duct Tape Flag

Super-easy way to make a Duct Tape Flag. This one should hold up to the rain and the elements. #PatrioticCrafts #FlagCrafts

DIY this flag with duct tape, making it an easy for kids & adults.

Vintage Ruffled Flag

Easy tutorial to make a Vintage Ruffled Flag for your door, a window, or just about anywhere. #PatrioticCrafts #FlagCrafts

Hang the Vintage Ruffled Flag on your front door, in the kitchen, or even in a window.

America the Beautiful Flag

Adorable button heart on this quick & easy flag craft. I "heart" this one!

Make this flag in an hour or two and display it all summer long.

Punched Flag Wallhanging

Craft tutorial: Flag craft for July 4th.

Punched Flag Wallhanging is made with a classic (and easy) technique.

Punch Quilt Flag

July 4th flag tutorial: kid's punch quilt flag.

This is an easy technique, and one that kids can make.

Patriotic Heart

Patriotic craft tutorial: Patriotic heart

A flag with heart — and shooting stars.

Topiaries & Centerpieces

Patriotic Fringed Bandanna Topiaries

Fourth of July crafts & easy centerpiece ideas

Patriotic, Fringed Bandana Topiaries by Patty Schaffer.

Ruffled Patriotic Topiaries

how to make DIY ruffled topiary trees

Denim, bandannas and calico prints make these all-American.

All-American Denim & Ruffles Topiary

Repurpose your old jeans to make these denim crafts.

Repurpose your old jeans to make these denim crafts.

 Patriotic Rag Balls

Rag Balls are super easy to make, and a fun heritage craft for kids.

Super-easy Patriotic Rag Balls.

Patriotic Star Spangled Squares

Super-easy to make for summertime bashes. Star Spangled Centerpiece Squares on ,

These Star Spangled Squares are super easy and super festive.

Prim & Proper Americana Flag & Crow 

A patriotic prim to make for July 4th.

Prim & Proper Americana Flag & Crow by Debra Quartermain

Patriotic Folk Art Bird

Adorable, folk art bird made by Rebekah Meier. Follow her tutorial and you really can make this yourself! #PatrioticCrafts

Patriotic Folk Art Bird by Rebekah Meier.

And for the grand finale, it’s Uncle Sam, of course!

Uncle Sam is a no-sew, patriotic felt craft.

No-Sew Uncle Sam by Debi Schmitz.

I’m scheming a new, patriotic craft for July 4th, and I hope to share it soon (if it all comes together as planned . . .) I’ll keep you posted!

Do you have fun plans for the weekend? Picnics, roadtrips, or just a little R&R at home? I’m looking forward to a class in macaron making with a friend – not your traditional Memorial Day activity, but yummy nonetheless.

Enjoy the holiday, and happy crafting.

P.S. What do you think of the shade of blue all around the page? I’ve changed the color about ten times today and I’m still not sure I’m happy with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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DIY wall art: How to make a family photo garden

How does your family grow? Document it and display your family photos in a lush and beautiful way with This Blooming Family Photo Garden. It’s pretty enough to display on its own, or you can add it to your photo gallery wall. If you like, get creative and spell out other words, too, like HOME, LOVE, HEART, FAMILY or even your last name. Or, if your last name is really long, you can keep it short with a monogram instead.

A beautiful way to display family photos. It would be pretty as part of a gallery wall, too.

 To make a Blooming Family Photo Garden, you will need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: Two, 1” x 12” x 18” sheets
  • Grosgrain ribbon in green, 1” wide x 10 yd.
  • Sheet moss
  • Assorted silk flowers
  • Craft wire, heavy gage
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife or utility knife with sharp blade; candle or bar of soap; ruler; sharp pencil; marker; floral u-pins; knippers or wire cutters; needle-nose pliers; Velcro strips (for hanging)
Here's how to make a beautiful family monogram as a photo display.

If you’re tight on space, or time, make it a monogram instead.

To make a Blooming Family Photo Garden:

1. Following the cutting diagram, trace the letters onto the foam sheets. Each letter is 6” wide, except the “M”, which is 12” wide. Use the ruler, and score your lines with a sharp pencil. Trace over the lines with a marker, so that you can more clearly see them.

2. Wax the knife blade with an old candle or bar of soap, and cut out the letters. Sand rough edges with another piece of foam, and use your fingers to smooth edges.

3. Glue the green grosgrain ribbon all around the outside and inside edges of the letters.

4. Glue sheet moss onto the front of each letter.

A pretty way to display family photos. DIY it on

Embellish each letter with a mini bouquet.

5. Determine how you would like to arrange the flowers on each letter. Trim the flower stems to 1”. Insert the stems into the foam, and use glue and u-pins as needed to help secure them in place.

DIY coiled photo holders. It's not hard!

Using the needle-nose pliers, form spirals in your length of craft wire.

6. Make the wire photo holders:

  • Wind a tight spiral at the end of an 8” length of craft wire.
  • Push the other end of the wire into the foam letter.
  • If needed, start the hole first with a needle tool or the tip of nail scissors.
  • Insert a photo into the spiral.
  1. Glue Velcro strips to the back, and attach the companion strips on the wall. Hang and enjoy!

You know how I like a project that you can change up, right? Not only can you use this technique to create other words, but you can mix and match your flowers, too.

DIY a Blooming Family Photo Garden. Such a pretty addition for a family photo gallery wall.

Blooming Family Photo Garden by Kathleen George.

Have you done much gardening outside this year? I’ve picked up my annuals, but don’t have them planted and potted yet. Maybe I’ll do that later this week. How about you? How are your gardens faring this year?

Happy crafting.


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Happy Day: A bluebird & mushroom to DIY and winners announced

How do you make a whimsical mushroom craft even better? Pair a big, polka dot mushroom with the bluebird of happiness and you get Rebekah Meier’s Springtime Bluebird & Mushroom. Rebekah has shared her paper clay creations with us before, and I always call them heirloom crafts. This sweet, spring craft project will take some time to make, but it’s a keepsake that you’ll always treasure. Speaking of happiness, I’m also announcing the winners of the SNAP swag giveaway today. Read on!

So sweet. DIY this paperclay spring craft on

Springtime Bluebird & Mushroom by Rebekah Meier.

To make a Springtime Bluebird & Mushroom, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • Balls: 4”, 1 1/2”, 2
    • Cone: 6”
  • Paper clay, one package (Rebekah uses Creative Paperclay®)
  • Acrylic craft paint: Moon Yellow, Baby Pink, Raw Umber, Canyon Orange, Tapioca, Sky Blue, Coral
  • Gel stain in maple
  • Staining & antiquing medium
  • Acrylic satin varnish
  • Glitter glue
  • Ribbon, 1/4″ x 12″
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; waxed dental floss; fine sanding block or sandpaper; clay knife; acrylic clay roller; bamboo skewers or round toothpicks; powder; pencil; ruler; ¼” & ½” flat, liner paintbrushes; plastic water bottle cap

To make a Springtime Bluebird & Mushroom:

Make the mushroom

Cute, polka dot mushroom! I'd add a few to a terrarium or wreath. Tutorial on

You can make the mushroom and bluebird at the same time. Don’t worry about the number of steps — there’s lots of drying time involved, so you can work at your own pace for a few days till it’s done.

1. Measure 2-1/2” down from the narrow end of the cone, and with a pencil, score a line at this point all around the cone. Place the dental floss on this scored line and pull, cutting the cone in two pieces. (If you prefer, you can use a serrated knife to cut the foam.)

2. Cut the 4” foam ball in half.

3. Place glue on the ends of several toothpicks or bamboo skewers and insert into the top of the cone. Pick and glue a half ball onto the top of the cone, creating a mushroom.

4. Sprinkle a hard surface with powder and roll out a 3” piece of paper clay to 1/8” thickness.

5. Cover the mushroom with clay, smoothing it with wet fingertips till the surface and the seams are smooth and blended. Let dry completely.

6. Sand the mushroom with fine sandpaper and wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Glittering polka dot mushroom.

Each polka dot is outlined in glitter glue for a little subtle sparkle.

7. Paint mushroom Tapioca and let dry. Paint 1/2” polka dots on the mushroom cap using Sky Blue, Moon Yellow, and Coral. Let dry.

8. Mix equal parts gel stain with the Staining & antiquing Medium. Apply mixture with a paper towel, and then wipe off immediately.

9. Brush on a coat of varnish.

10. Outline polka dots with glitter glue.

Make the Bluebird

DIY your own bluebird of happiness! Cute! Tutorial on

She is so cute! You’ll make the hat from paperclay, too.

11. Pick and glue together the 1-1/2” and 2” balls.

12. Following Steps 4 & 5 above, cover the two balls with clay. Add extra clay to the 2” ball and shape it into a tail.

13. Shape two, pea-size clay balls into small, 1/8” thick wings. Wet clay with a small amount of water and apply to the sides of the 2” ball.

14. Shape a small piece of clay into a beak and apply to the face of bird.  Let clay dry.

15. Make the hat:

  • Flatten a pea-size clay ball and smooth the surface.
  • Roll flat another ball to 1/8” thick and cut out a circle with a water bottle cap. This will be the brim.
  • Attach the flattened ball to the brim with a dab of water. Let dry.

16. Make the flower from six, tiny, pin-head size clay balls.

Let each color dry before adding another.

17. Paint the bird:

  • Bird: Sky Blue. After it’s dry, gently sand with sandpaper.
  • Eyes: Paint on a dot of Tapioca, let dry. Add a dot of Raw Umber using a pencil point, and when dry, add a small fleck of Tapioca. Using liner brush, line the top of each eye with Raw Umber.
  • Beak: Canyon Orange
  • Cheeks: Baby Pink.
  • Hat: Coral
  • Flower: Moon Yellow petals & Coral center

18. Glue the flower to the hat, and the hat to the bird’s head.

19. Following Step 8 & 9 above, antique and varnish the bird.

20. Tie ribbon around the bird’s neck.

21. Attach the bird to the mushroom with picks and glue.

Here’s another keepsake craft designed by Rebekah. Her Patriotic Folk Art Bird celebrates the coming summer holidays.

Adorable, folk art bird made by Rebekah Meier. Follow her tutorial and you really can make this yourself! #PatrioticCrafts

Patriotic Folk Art Bird by Rebekah Meier.

And now, our winners! Thank you all for stopping in leaving comments about your favorite blogs. I’ve checked them all out and you should, too. You can never have too much inspiration, right? Winners of the two goodie bags packed with SNAP swag and the materials needed to make a Decorative Mesh Flower Topiary are Pam and Katiria. Congratulations, ladies. Please contact me to arrange for your prizes.

Happy crafting.





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How to make a whimsical terrarium

In my mind, springtime is mushroom season. When I was a kid, we’d search the woods around my grandparents’ house for morel mushrooms. In honor of spring mushrooms, I’m sharing a few mushroom crafts this week, like this Mushroom Terrarium. I love the whimsical, polka dot mushroom in this DIY terrarium. Part of the fun is accessorizing it with miniatures like butterflies, fairies and gnomes. After all, when you make a terrarium, you’re really making your own little world, right? (Don’t forget this week’s giveaway, too.)

Cute, DIY Terrarium made with an old container. The mushroom is such a cute accent!

This is so cute! DIY this faux mushroom on

Mushroom Terrarium designed by Kathleen George.

To make a Mushroom Terrarium, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 2” ball and 3” egg
  • Clear glass or plastic container, about 6” x 4”
  • Red & white polka dot cupcake liner, lightweight paper, or fabric
  • Miniature critters, such as a butterfly, other insects, fairies, etc.
  • Sheet moss
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife; bar of soap or old candle; teaspoon; optional: iron

Don't throw out that old container -- here's how to turn it into a cute Mushroom Terrarium.

To make a Mushroom Terrarium:

  1. Make the mushroom stem:
  • Wax the knife blade with an old candle or bar of soap for easier cutting.
  • Cut a small slice from the top and bottom of the 3” foam egg.
  • Firmly roll the egg on a flat surface to shape it. You want the narrow end to be significantly thinner (refer to photo), so compress it more along the narrow end.
  • Smooth the sides firmly with the back of a teaspoon.
  1. Cut the 2” foam ball in half. Glue one half ball onto the mushroom stem. Test fit to be sure the mushroom will fit inside your container.
  1. Smooth out the cupcake liner. Optional: lightly press with a warm iron. Make ½” – ¾” cuts all around the outside edge.
  1. Center the paper circle on the mushroom cap and glue in place, smoothing the paper over the top of the mushroom, and folding the tabs to the underside. Trim away any excess paper.
  1. Assemble the terrarium:
  • Cut a piece of moss to fit inside the lid, and glue in place.
  • Glue the mushroom to the center of the lid.
  • Add your faux insects or other embellishments. (I recently saw a miniature unicorn that I’d love to add!)
  • Place the lid on the jar and display.

Here’s another favorite mushroom craft – the Moss Rock Wreath with Felted Mushrooms.

Pretty wreath made with (dollar store) moss rocks. Not hard to do.

The moss rocks are a dollar store find, and Rebekah Meier used corks for the mushroom stems.

Even more whimsical is this Red Daisy Mushroom that you’ll find over on

Cute spring centerpiece -- a whimsical mushroom made with silk daisies and carnations.

Red Daisy Mushroom by Kathleen George.

Every once in a while when I’m out for a walk, I’ll find morel mushrooms in random places. I’ll pick them for my dad to fry up and enjoy, the same way he’s done it since he was a kid. How about you? Have you ever hunted for wild mushrooms?

Remember to enter the big SNAP swag giveaway this week. I’m giving away two prize packages packed with awesome craft goodies. Trust me, you don’t want to miss your chance to win!

Happy crafting.





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3 in 1: SNAP conference recap; a swag giveaway; and how to make a Decorative Mesh Flower Topiary

There is so much going on today! Last week I returned from my third SNAP conference with SNAP sponsor FloraCraft, and I have a few highlights to share. FloraCraft is also sharing its tutorial to make a beautiful, Decorative Mesh Flower Topiary. And finally, I brought home so many crafty goodies that I’m giving away two bags packed with SNAP swag. (If you’d like to know more about SNAP, don’t miss my 2013 and 2014 recaps, too.)

Welcome to SNAP!

Welcome to SNAP! (Photo credit: Alex Adams Photography)

First, a quick note about FloraCraft. FloraCraft is the world’s largest fabricator of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. They are the experts in cutting and packaging the foam shapes, which you’ll find it in the stores with the label “Make It: Fun® Foam”.

One more shout out and a “thank you” to Alex Adams Photography. Alex was the official photographer for SNAP, and she graciously shared her photos. Her photos are fabulous, and so much better than mine, so wherever possible, I’ve used her photos. Thanks, Alex.

The FloraCraft booth at SNAP 2015.

The booth is set up and ready for SNAP.

Every year, SNAP is bigger and better. This year, 500 creative, DIY & craft bloggers attended SNAP to learn, connect, and be inspired. FloraCraft’s marketing manager Jamie and I met up for the conference at the Little America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. We spent a long day unpacking and setting up our booth.

That’s me. And look closer — those letters are made with string art on a sheet of foam. How cool is that? (Photo credit: Alex Adams Photography)

FloraCraft’s designer Dondi Richardson made a wall of colorful decorative mesh flowers for the back of the booth. We used the setting to stage a selfie contest. Dondi also made the “FloraCraft” sign by creating string art on a foam sheet. (Here’s a tutorial for creating string art the easy way — without hammers, nails and pounding.)

I can’t forget the beautiful flowers that were outside, too. I saw this springtime garden at Temple Square.

Beautiful spring gardens at Temple Square.

The gardens at Temple Square were beautiful.

FloraCraft also made six-foot tall, gold and glittering SNAP letters for the ballroom stage. Look at that sparkle!

Getting ready for SNAP 2015!

A hard working, volunteer team of bloggers helped set the stage for SNAP.

SNAP stage, 2015. So pretty!

The beautiful stage — and sparkling letters — at SNAP 2015.

Here are just a few of the people who we saw up on this fabulous stage: Elsie and Emma, the sisters behind the lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess; celebrity wedding planner and fashion designer David Tutera; and scrapbooker/trendsetter extraordinaire, Heidi Swapp.

A Beautiful Mess presenting at SNAP 2015.

Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess shared their story. (Photo credit: Alex Adams Photography)

David Tutera at SNAP 2015.

David Tutera told about his rise to fame, and encouraged everyone to be bold and have a plan. (Photo credit: Alex Adams Photography)

Heidi Swapp at SNAP 2015.

Heidi Swapp gave an amazing, closing speech at SNAP 2015. (Photo credit: Alex Adams Photography)

One highlight every year is the door decorating contest sponsored by 3M. Check out a few of these amazing doors.

Door decorating contest, SNAP 2015.

A few of the decorated doors at SNAP 2015.

Throughout the three-day conference, we invited the bloggers to make Decorative Mesh Flowers with us. These colorful, candy-filled pots are perfect for party centerpieces and favors, or maybe a sweet little teacher’s gift.

DIY Deco Mesh Flowers with FloraCraft at SNAP 2015.

Britni from Play.Party.Pin demonstrates how to make a decorative mesh flower.

FloraCraft wants you to try one, too, so here’s how to make your own Decorative Mesh Flower Pot.

This is a fun party centerpiece! Really easy to DIY, too.

This is an excellent party craft! And maybe you can win the supplies to make one . . .

To make a Decorative Mesh Flower Pot, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam/FloraCraft® Make it: Fun® Foam: two, 3” discs; 4” foam ball
  • Design it:® Simple Style® Decorative Mesh in orange and pink, 10” wide
  • Terra cotta flower pot
  • Small tree branches, three
  • Acrylic craft paint in white
  • Wrapped candies
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; stem wire; paintbrush
Love this decorative mesh flower! Easy tutorial on

You’ll make two of the Decorative Mesh Flowers, so the topiary looks pretty from any angle.

To make a Decorative Mesh Flower Pot:

  1. Paint the foam discs, flower pot, and branches white, and set aside to dry.
  2. Layer together 18” lengths of pink and orange decorative mesh. Starting along one 10” end, pleat and gather the length along the center; tie off with stem wire. Repeat to make a second decorative mesh “bow”.
  3. Place the gathered mesh “bows” side by side, and secure together at the center with stem wire. Fluff the mesh layers, creating a full, round flower.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 to make a second decorative mesh flower.
  5. Wrap a square of decorative mesh around each painted disc, and glue the mesh to the back. Glue a disc to the center of each flower.
  6. Glue the 4” ball into the flower pot. Trim the ball, if needed, to make it fit. Insert the three branches into the foam ball. Sandwich the stems between the two flowers, and glue the flowers together.
  7. Add candies to cover the top of the foam ball.

Another big part of the SNAP experience is the serious swag everyone gets to take home! If you’re in the craft industry, you definitely want these creative bloggers to take home a sample or two and try out your products. I came home with quite a collection of goodies, and I am giving away two, swag-filled prize packages. Each prize includes a different assortment, and might have goodies from Jo-Ann Stores, Heidi Swapp, Play Dough, Elmer’s, Aleene’s, McDonald’s, 3M, Laura Kelly, and more.

Plus, FloraCraft has graciously sweetened the swag and is providing each winner with decorative mesh and foam so you can make your own Decorative Mesh Flower Pot.

If you’d like a chance to win one of these goodie bags, tell me about the other blogs you follow. Who are your favorite, go-to bloggers and why? I’d love to hear, and maybe I’ll follow your favorites, too. Please enter by midnight on Thursday, May 14, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday, May 15.

I know it’s already been a long post today, but I really can’t close without a “thank you” to the amazing Tauni Everett and her team. Tauni is the creative and gracious mastermind behind SNAP, and her tireless energy and tireless smile are always inspiring.

Tauni Everett, the amazing powerhouse behind SNAP.

Tauni Everett, the founder of SNAP. (Photo credit: Alex Adams Photography)

Happy crafting!




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How would you make this DIY spring wreath or wall art?

When I shared the Framed Orchids last week, I couldn’t wait to make this DIY wall art/spring wreath my own. Here’s how I made my Framed Flowers, along with tips to make your own Framed Flowers. First, pick a bouquet of your favorite faux flowers – violets, pansies, daffodils, gerbera daisies, whatever you like.  Then, cut out a custom frame that’s just the right size for your bouquet. I thought I’d make mine smaller, but then decided to use the same size frame as the original. I also debated between covering my frame with moss cloth or a birch bark wrapping paper, and opted for the paper. Here’s how to DIY Framed Flowers Your Way — in two hours or less!

So pretty for spring! Hang it as a wreath or as wall art.

How would you change up this design?

Once you cover your frame, you arrange your bouquet right in the frame of Styrofoam brand foam. Love this look!

I made a sweet, spring bouquet from several stems of silk flowers.

To make Framed Flowers Your Way, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1” x 12” x 18” or 1” x 12” x 36” sheet (the larger sheet will make at least two frames)
  • Wrapping paper (I also thought about using moss cloth, so take a look at that, too. Or, how about fabric?)
  • Silk flowers, 2 – 3 stems
  • Moss & lichens, small amount
  • Faux butterfly
  • Paper glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; sharp pencil; knippers; serrated knife; old candle or bar of soap; straight pins
Materials needed to make a beautiful, custom frame with flowers.

I chose a purple bouquet and birch bark wrapping paper for my Framed Flowers.

To make Framed Flowers Your Way:

1. Determine the size frame you’d like to use. I used a 1” x 12” x 18” size, but you can go smaller or larger, depending on the flowers you’re using. You can even make it square, if you prefer. Measure and mark your frame on the foam sheet, and cut out with the serrated knife. Rub the serrated knife blade with an old candle or bar of soap for easier cutting.

2. Measure and score 2” sides all around the inside of your foam rectangle or square, and cut out the center.

How to make any size frame from a sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

Once you cut out your foam square or rectangle, draw another square or rectangle inside, leaving 2″ sides all around. Cut out the inside of the frame.

3. Cut from the wrapping paper:

  • A rectangle or square the size of your foam frame, plus 2” on each side.
  • Four, 1″ x 6″ strips.
DIY your own custom, foam frame.

Add 1″ strips to each inside corner to cover any gaps that might occur when you wrap the frame.

4. Wrap the frame:

  • Fold each 1″ paper strip in half, and glue to the inside corners of the frame.
  • Using paper glue, attach the wrapping paper to the front of the foam frame.
  • You’ll wrap the outside edges first. Neatly fold the paper at each corner and cut away any excess paper so it lays flat.
  • Wrap the paper around the outside edges and glue to the back of the frame. If needed, use straight pins to hold the paper in place while the glue dries. (I skipped the pins and used low-temp glue on the back of the frame for a faster hold).
  • Cut a 4″ x 10″ rectangle from the paper in the center of the frame (or a size that works for your frame, leaving a good 2” to wrap to the back).
  • Cut on the diagonal to each corner.
  • Wrap the paper to the back of the frame.
  • Let glue dry.
Creating a custom picture frame. Easy tutorial.

Wrap the outside edges first, gluing the paper to the back of the frame. Then, cut on the diagonal to each corner, and wrap the inside edges.

5. Determine how you want to arrange your flower stems, and trim to about 2”. Insert the stems into the inside bottom edge of the foam frame. Remove the stems, add a dab of glue to the holes, and place the stems back in the holes. Arrange moss and small pieces of lichen around the stems and along the edge of the frame.

6. Glue lichens and the butterfly to a corner of the frame.

Sweet details on a spring wreath.

I added a small piece of dried lichen and a butterfly in the corner.

Pretty wreath or wall art can you DIY in an evening!

From start to finish, this project took me less than two hours. Love that!

So pretty, and it's a quick, five-step DIY, too. Make it for Mother's Day (or for you!).

The faux bois paper and orchids made the original design very elegant. combination.

These are both so pretty, and it's such an easy idea. Easy to customize and make your own, too. i

One idea — two different styles. How would you make your Framed Flowers?

And there you have it, one tutorial and two different interpretations. Diane’s Framed Orchids are classic and more formal. I think they could even grace the doors of a church for a wedding, or maybe hang from the chairs for the bride and groom. My Framed Flowers have a more casual, woodland theme.

Now, how would you make your own version of the Framed Flowers Your Way?

P.S. The day after I published this post, I saw the very same inspiration flowers on my walk! Sweet coincidence. They were so pretty, so I decided to add them here. I hope your spring is blooming, too.

Spring is in bloom!

The inspiration flowers in real life.

Happy crafting.


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