A Candy Bouquet tutorial for dad, a grad, or anyone else on your list

Here’s a fun gift idea for dad, a grad, or anyone else on your list – a DIY Candy Bouquet. From shopping for the candy to assembling the Candy Bouquet, this is an easy Father’s Day craft idea that the kids will love. I’m sharing several excellent tutorials for Candy Bouquets, along with easy ways to personalize them. (And because candy crafts are always a favorite, here’s a tutorial to make a Lollipop Tree from last year.)

First, let’s do some guilt-free candy shopping. Shop for the recipient’s favorite sweets, or pick out candy with a theme. I purchased this collection for a recent graduate, and included $100 Grand, Pay Day, Good & Plenty, Up2U and chocolate coins. Get creative and think about other small items you might include, from beef jerky and Chap Stick to movie tickets. I like that Candy Bouquets can be made to fit any budget, and are equally fun whether simple or elaborate.

how to make a candy bouquet

I picked up this candy collection for a recent graduate.

Our first Candy Bouquet tutorial is from Delightful Order. If you’re making this for a graduate, adding silk flowers and ribbons in the school’s colors are an easy way to personalize the Candy Bouquet. If you’re throwing a graduation party, consider using these for centerpieces, too.

how to make a graduation Candy Bouquet

A Candy Bouquet from Delightful Order

The Funky Polka Dot Giraffe made a Candy Bouquet in which the foam base also serves as the vase. Kyla then covered the base/vase in candy, of course.

how to make a candy bouquet

A Candy Bouquet tutorial from The Polka Dot Giraffe

You can personalize the Candy Bouquet with custom wrappers — the tutorial on Seven Thirty Three shows how. A recent grad might appreciate candy wrappers made from dollar bills.

how to make a candy bouquet

Candy Bouquet tutorial from 733

And finally, how about this Jolly Rancher Candy Bouquet from My Creative Way?

how to make a candy bouquet

Jolly Rancher Candy Bouquet tutorial from My Creative Way

Have you ever given or received a Candy Bouquet? Do you have other suggestions for making or personalizing a Candy Bouquet? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Happy crafting!


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3 Responses to A Candy Bouquet tutorial for dad, a grad, or anyone else on your list

  1. cassidy says:

    I have never made a candy bouquet before, but I love the idea of making this for teachers gifts too!

  2. What fun ideas! So great for Father’s Day and I’ll definitely keep them in mind for teacher gifts next fall. Thanks for sharing!

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